Nintendo Switch Owners In Japan Polled About How Satisfied They Are 

Wonder about what folks in Japan think about the Switch? Why they bought it? How they feel so far? Weekly Famitsu polled readers, and here are the results.

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Via Gamekana, here are some of the poll's results.

The reason you decided to buy the Nintendo Switch

Because there was a game I wanted to play - 35.7 per cent (736 replies)

Because I liked you could carry it outside - 16.9 per cent (348 replies)

Because I always buy Nintendo hardware - 16.4 per cent (338 replies)

I liked features of the console as well as of the controllers - 13.3 per cent (274 replies)

I liked the design of the console as well as of the controllers - 6.6 per cent (135 replies)

Because playing with lots of people looked fun - 5.9 per cent (121 replies)

Because the launch price seemed appropriate - 4.5 per cent (93 replies)

Other - 0.7 per cent (15 replies)

How satisfied are you with the Switch hardware's performance and function?

Very satisfied - 40.8 per cent (328 replies)

Satisfied - 44.4 per cent (357 replies)

So-so - 9.7 per cent (78 replies)

A little unsatisfied - 4.1 per cent (33 replies)

Unsatisfied - 1.0 per cent (8 replies)

How is it using the Joy-Con?

Very satisfied - 27.9 per cent (224 replies)

Satisfied - 41.2 per cent (331 replies)

So-so - 20.2 per cent (162 replies)

A little unsatisfied - 9.1 per cent (73 replies)

Unsatisfied - 16 per cent (13 replies)

How satisfied are you with the current game line up?

Very satisfied - 9.1 per cent (73 replies)

Satisfied - 24 per cent (193 replies)

So-so - 19.8 per cent (159 replies)

A little unsatisfied - 31.5 per cent (253 replies)

Unsatisfied - 15.5 per cent (124 replies)

Currently, what is your overall level of satisfaction? (Score between under 10, being the worst, and over 91, being the best)

Under 10

8 replies(1.0 per cent)

11 ~ 20

4 replies(0.5 per cent)

21 ~ 30

12 replies(1.5 per cent)

31 ~ 40

5 replies(0.6 per cent)

41 ~ 50

32 replies(4.0 per cent)

51 ~ 60

40 replies(5.0 per cent)

61 ~ 70

101 replies(12.6 per cent)

71 ~ 80

198 replies(24.7 per cent)

81 ~ 90

224 replies(27.9 per cent)

Over 91

179 replies(22.3 per cent)

What about you? How satisfied are you with the Switch?



      Congratulations, you have increased the percentage of scores under 10 by 0.1231%. Meanwhile, the percentage of 11-20 scores has decreased by 0.0006%, 21-30 by 0.0019%, 31-40 by 0.0008%, 41-50 by 0.0050%, 51-60 by 0.0062%, 61-70 by 0.0156%. A total shift to disatisfaction by 0.0931%, assuming scores above 70 are sufficiently satisfied.

      But.... but you love Nintendo! Would like to hear your thoughts next we meet or via reply i guess whatever man

        Pasta because editmod:

        Had a big ol' rant over in another article the other day, that about covers most of it. Though in another convo with a friend I realised my "lockdown" comments weren't properly explained, I was missing any mention of how your saves and such are stuck on the console. Made even more apparent by returning my joycons to Nintendo the other day (thanks to the faulty connection problem), and on their notices they warn you to backup any save data before sending your items off, as they cannot guarantee its return. Sure made me glad I don't have to return the Switch itself, I would be absolutely livid if I were playing Zelda on there and lost that for whatever reason.

          Fair enough points. I wasn't expecting much but am very pleased with it. Using it a lot.

            I've basically used mine twice so far. That initial weekend when it was shiny and new and my sister was over, and then the weekend of the Splat2 testfire. Had zero reason to turn it on instead of my Wii U otherwise, it's been the biggest dust collector.

              So basically you bought too many Nintendos and you are sad about how having twice as many BOTW-capable Nintendos did not double your overall levels of Nintendo satisfaction.

              While I have not done a poll, I would expect the results of the question: "Do you think WiiU owners who complain that the Switch doesn't have enough games and isn't worth it, are a useful source of opinion about the Switch?" to be heavily weighted toward "mostly disagree".

              Like, genuine question: the Switch came out with one game that is also available for WiiU so... why did you buy a Switch?

              Last edited 03/05/17 8:46 pm

                I wasn't going to, and it would have been the first Nintendo I've skipped on launch, but there were some good deals at launch and I needed to be able to play the Splatoon 2 testfire a couple of weeks after. Which in turn was also disappointing, though mostly due to the hardware I guess. Also I had more faith in 1-2-Switch and Bomberman being better than they turned out to be.

            The ability to pick up the system and be racing in Mario Kart in less than 10 seconds is something I didn't realise I needed in my life - but I do!

            I think the suspend/resume functionality of the Switch is hugely underrated. I think Nintendo must have worked really, really hard on it.

            My son was mad at having to go on Easter holidays right in the middle of an epic Hinox fight, so he dropped the Switch in the dock, we left for five days, came back and he picked it up and resumed. No hiccup, nothing.

            This is also by far the easiest "go to TV mode now please" device I've ever used. Even controller syncing is effortless: changing from 2p Mario Kart (Pro Controller + Joy-cons on Grip) to 3p (Joy-cons separated) is as simple as:

            1. Hold home button
            2. Choose sleep mode
            3. Pull Joy-cons off grip
            4. Wake system

            It automatically goes to the controller setup screen and you just push the "teeny bumpers" on each Joy-Con to connect.

            I really feel for Nintendo on this system. They put in probably hundreds of thousands of hours of industrial design and testing, put the Switch out there, no doubt expecting praise for their amazing achievement of turning a reasonably-priced tablet into a neat, super-flexible gaming console... and we're all like "nyaaaah the kickstand sux!"

              I don't think the suspend thing is that big a deal. I've been using the home screen to pause my games on the Wii, and the 3DS, and the Wii U. Hell even back on the DS too, just flipping the thing closed. Slightly different on the consoles since you need to keep them powered on, as I did when playing Skyward Sword recently to avoid the item descriptions every time I booted the game again. But still, when considering the Switch a handheld it's nothing new. I'd also suggest that the Wii U is a little easier to switch between TV and handheld, for games that run as such anyway. No need to fiddle with controller swapouts or anything (or avoiding scratching screens), just press the "swap screens" button and you're done. Also I'm not sure that what you described there is "controller syncing" though, that would only work if the controllers are already synced to the console. To sync them you either need to use the sync button or slot them onto the tablet (in the case of the joycons).

              Yes, I'm sure they put hundreds of thousands of hours and dollars into making this the very best they could. But that doesn't mean they get a free pass, anyone designing a product does that. At the end of the day they did a pretty bad job of it, and deserve to be called out on it. Both because of the shitty kickstand, and all the other reasons this thing needed to be kept in the oven longer. It is way undercooked.

          The system has potential but as usual, Nintendo don't know the first thing about making a quality operating system for their hardware and they've cocked up or half-assed so many small things that in combination really let down the overall package.

            The biggest problem for you is the OS? What about it? It's snappy and fast.

              - Still uses Friend Codes
              - Purchases are tied to the system, not the account
              - No way to move save games off the system
              - No way to move downloaded games between system memory and SD
              - No web browser
              - No voice chat

              The list goes on. The system is barely functional and designed by engineers who apparently have never used another device that connected to the internet.

                Friend codes - yeah, the online system isn't here yet. I just added my friends from Miitomo because we all messed around with it when it first came out.

                Set up your Nintendo account if you want your games saved to that. Can you even use the eShop with one?

                Save games - yeah, I see the need for backups but never been bitten myself yet.

                You can't move downloaded games to SD? Yep, that's actually dumb.

                Web browser and voice chat are on the way too. I'd say browser is more app than OS issue.

                  Voice chat is "on its way" via a smartphone app. And from all they've said so far seems to be locked behind the whole paid online subscription. This is just the biggest most boneheaded move and I am pretty freakin mad about it. Both because A) we already have to use external apps and systems to voice chat with online games, WITHOUT having to pay for the privilege and B) whatever they do will be useless to me because my smartphone will not be supported, so I'll be forced to either pay money for nothing, go without, or pay even more money for another piece of equipment I don't even need outside of this one specific use.

                  Nintendo have gone full pants-on-head retarded.

    This poll goes to show how wrong Nintendo's business strategy is.
    Very few people care about the portability or social aspects of the console, people only care about Zelda.
    This shows that Nintendo should stop with their stupid gimmicks and just focus on a straightforwaed console with a big range of good games, and without 3rd party support Iit simply won't happen.

      Agree. I haven't bought a Nintendo console since gamecube as a direct result of their gimmick consoles. Obviously Nintendo make great games which are exclusive first party titles not available elsewhere and this is a strength. But the gimmicks.....
      Forced motion control (wii), tablet gaming (wii u) , portable tablet gaming with detachable controllers (switch) (wtf seriously...)
      Mario 64 is one of the best games ever made imo. As a consumer I wanted to play more great mario games but I resent being forced to use control schemes which are annoying.
      On top of that, they have 5 or so killer apps per generation and have a poor relationship with third party companies which means the outlay of 300-400 for a console which only has a handful of games is not consumer friendly or value for money.
      Finally, they engage in shady price manipulation with vendors which means their games are never discounted and remain at full price , years after their release.
      These are merely SOME of the reason they have lost market share to Sony.

        Nintendo have made many games better than Mario 64 in the last 10 years.
        And if you don't care for taking a home console with you, the joycons on a grip with the Switch in a dock makes it the same as all other home consoles.

          If the other consoles had shitty knockoff-grade controllers, sure :P

          I never said they hadn't made great games since then. I said their gimmicky control schemes are a road block.

      Yeah, I'm sick of stupid Nintendo gimmicks like Kinect or Move...

        Those are like 6 years old and they were abandoned almost instantly, and their next consoles made no attempt to continue the trend.

          You mean apart from the Xbone coming with the Kinect 2, or the PS4 also bring in a new version of the PS Camera, as well as bringing back the Move gear for PSVR?

            If that's actually true then I'm dumbfounded; they might as well shove $100 bills into a shredder.

              The latter is a particularly bad move since the old gear is really outdated compared to the motion gear you get these days, and wasn't really designed for the kind of precision tracking you want in a VR setup. But hey it clears out all that old stock they had lying around...

      Well not really.. if you add "carry it outside" + "features of the console" + "design of the console" (all answers related to the hardware not the games) you end up with 36.8%

        Except combining statistics like that skews the results.
        Going by that logic, I could claim that over 50% bought the console based on 'fanboyism' (A game I want to play + Always buy Nintendo consoles) and that is obviously untrue.

      I bought it and am yet to use it in TV mode. Been playing binding of Isaac, zelda and Mario cart mostly so far. Would have at least a hundred hours logged up by now. There's been no real third party support for Nintendo because in part, the sales weren't there. Well this is selling on par with the xbone at launch. So with there being a market, I expect we will actually see a lot more third party titles this time

        The problem with 3rs parties is mostly due to the (massively) reduced CPU power which means that thwy can't port the games that they design for the more powerful consoles.
        If Nintendo moved on from their roots as a toy company and made a machine to rival the PS4/XB1 I would snatch it right up because their 1st pasrty games seem generally excellent,but I'm unwilling to fork out the dosh to buy a 'secondary' console, especially since I rarely even play my PS4 these days, and when I do it's usually to play re-released classics.
        Carry-on setnences whoo!

          It's not that much slower than the xbone performance wise. And if the markets there, they'll put in the effort to Port because there's finally a market worth porting to Nintendo for. So far it's selling at a rate that the xbone sold at launch. If it keeps the momentum then it'll be a no brainer to Port more games over. I don't think it'll be a case of 100% of cross platform games will get ported. Buy I do think it'll be significantly more than in the past.

      Seems pretty solid to me. Honestly I've seen more people saying how awesome it is that it's portable and it's brought them back to consoles than people complaining.

      I mean if their strategy is to have their slowest selling console ever than yeah, they are massively failing.

    Not really surprising. Especially the answers regarding games lineup. There are like 4 games right? And only one that anyone wants to play.

      Huh!? the vast majority of people are satisfied with the console. There is no information in this article about who chose not to buy it let alone those that didnt buy because of game lineup. How did you come up with that not even bothering to read...of course!

        Speaking of not bothering to read, I'm struggling to see how you came to the conclusion of your post after what arnna said, being about the game lineup rather than anyone's decisions behind whether they purchased the console or not.

        Thanks but I did read the whole thing.
        I said the answers were not surprising. But I'll elaborate for you:
        People seem to be enjoying their console adequately but there is no overwhelming positivity in these results.
        The range of games is obviously an issue.
        And the portability and network features don't seem to be as important as nintendo predicted.

          34% bought it for a game.
          2nd highest was 17% for portability.
          There are already a lot of games. I'm really not sure if you really understood it if you did read it.

            One third bought it for a game, but only one third are satisfied with the game lineup. Interesting correlation.

              This particular aspect of the results is HUGELY open to interpretation. I love BOTW and I love Mario Kart, and I am 100% happy that I bought a Switch... but am I "satisfied" with the game lineup? Of course not! I want more games!

              But wanting more games or even thinking there weren't enough games at launch doesn't mean I hate the console or wish I'd saved my money.

            Exclusive games are the primary reason people buy Nintendo products , so of course that will be the highest metric.

            17% for its much mooted portability? That's isn't a strong result.

            I understand it just fine thanks for the condescension though.

              I'm not sure that means only 17% like the feature though. I love the portability but obviously, due to breath of the wild being so great, the game would be my main reason for buying. Ask people why they bought a PS4. If the main reason was that it is a nice looking, stationary piece of hardware, that would be weird.

    "50% bought it for games or portability."

      Perhaps the other 50% want to use it as a door stop or cocaine tray.

        I think you'll find the screen scratches too easily for use as a cocaine tray.

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