Report: Nintendo's Making A Mobile Zelda Game

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If you thought it was a no-brainer that Nintendo would drop Zelda on the App Store and Google Play after how well Fire Emblem Heroes did, give yourself a pat on the back.

Update 3:06 PM: The original report relied on sources from the Wall Street Journal; Nintendo is yet to officially confirm things at the time of writing. I've amended the headline and article to reflect that, apologies.

The Wall Street Journal has reported this afternoon that The Legend of Zelda will get a mobile release later this year, after Nintendo pushes out its mobile iteration of Animal Crossing. It's not sure what type of game it will be, or how much it will cost. DeNA, which produced Super Mario Run, Miitomo, and Fire Emblem Heroes for Nintendo, will be responsible for the new Zelda game.

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WSJ's report also mentioned that The Pokemon Company was developing "a new card game app", although it wasn't clear whether this would tie into the existing ecosystem of physical Pokemon cards.


    Not completely unexpected, but still this is a seismic shock.

    Super Mario Run, I liked. I haven't spent anywhere near the same amount of time on FE Heroes. That's on me, I haven't had the time, but the money-spinning aspects of it do seem very slimey. I am sure I could play it just fine and ignore the micro-transactions.

    I have no idea what possible sort of game a mobile Zelda game would be. Zelda Maker?

    No, I'm interested in the reception this announcement is going to have upon the video-game world itself, like I said at first.

    You're going to have people in three distinct groups:




    Anything Nintendo does with its properties is instantly the golden goose's egg and or (sometimes simultaneously) the worst thing it's ever done and exactly how it'll go the way of Atari, Sega, Ouya, etc.

    On one hand, there's the significant benefits Nintendo would see from the stock-market side of things. I'm no expert but you'll find literally hundreds of social media and messageboard types saying they are and how this will help or hinder Nintendo.

    On the other, I'm going to invent a drinking game where I count the number of articles that begin with 'Remember how Nintendo said they hated mobile games...."

    DeNa is producing - as in actually making it? I thought Nintendo was making them?


        Producers are usually overseeing something, see movies. Although in physical things they are the ones manufacturing the item. Not sure here, but thankyou for your thoughtful comment.

    Looking at Fire Emblem Heroes I will not be surprised if this turns out to be a collection of simple mini adventures that require some kind of resource to run and there is some kind of gacha mechanism for weapons, armour and items.

    It will be a micro transaction laden cash grab. We all know it.

      Hearts, rupees, items, dungeons, outfits, weapons. There's a lot to sell.

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