Nintendo's Thoughtful Reply To A Blind Fan

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Fifth grader Hibiki Sakai sent Nintendo a letter, thanking the company for its Rhythm Heaven games. Hibiki is blind, and these music titles are the only games he's really able to play. Nintendo replied to his letter in a most thoughtful way.

Hibiki's father uploaded the letter to Twitter.

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"I can't see, but I felt I wanted to play video games like everyone else," states the letter. "But there weren't really games I could play." That is, except for the Rhythm Heaven titles.

"That's the only game I can enjoy with everyone else, and I've never lost to anyone," the letter continues. "I've gotten perfect scores on the Game Boy Advance version, the DS version, the Wii version, and the 3DS version."

Because Hibiki enjoys Rhythm Heaven so much, he told Nintendo that he "definitely definitely" wants them to release another one, adding, "It's a-ok if it's even a little harder!"

He also told Nintendo that it would be great if the company could develop more titles that people with disabilities can enjoy with others.

"From now on, I'll always be a Nintendo fan," the letter concluded.

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Nintendo replied, saying it was pleased to hear Hibiki had enjoyed the Rhythm Heaven series. "I will share the letter from Hibiki with Nintendo's game development department," it continued, adding that Nintendo wanted to make games that everyone could enjoy and thanking him for his support.

The coolest part?

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Nintendo sent two versions of this letter: One version was typed out in Japanese, while the other version is in braille so Hibiki could read it himself. It sure was nice of Nintendo to go that extra mile for this young fan!

Until the next Rhythm Heaven comes out, Hibiki will no doubt be spending time with his other love: drumming.


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