NVIDIA’s Shadowplay Can Record Games Like DOOM And Minecraft Now

NVIDIA’s Shadowplay has been popular among gamers, gaming media and anyone who quickly wanted to capture a bit of live footage. There was just one problem: if the game was using OpenGL or Vulkan, like DOOM and Minecraft, it wouldn’t work. Until today.

In a press blast this morning, coupled with a blog post and a YouTube video, NVIDIA announced that support for OpenGL and Vulkan games has been added to Shadowplay, via the latest version of GeForce Experience.

You’ll need an account, because you need an account for everything these days. And note that if you do upgrade your drivers or GeForce Experience itself, your recording settings may be reset to defaults. But the update at least saves people the trouble of digging through XSplit or Open Broadcaster Software settings going forward, as more and more games start to utilise modern renders like Vulkan.

That said, if you do want more control over recording and streaming, you’ll still need to use third-party software. I wrote a handy guide earlier this year, and you can read it all below. It’s also handy for those using AMD graphics cards, as NVIDIA’s recording tools won’t work without NVIDIA hardware.

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