Of Course, Guy Ritchie’s Live-Action Aladdin Will Be A Musical

Of Course, Guy Ritchie’s Live-Action Aladdin Will Be A Musical

Aladdin and Jasmine will be signing in live-action when Aladdin makes it to theatres. Image: Disney

With songs like “Arabian Nights,” “Friend Like Me,” “Prince Ali,” and “A Whole New World,” it would have been very surprising if the upcoming live-action Aladdin film wasn’t a musical. But just in case, the director has officially ended any doubt.

“It’d be tough not to make [Aladdin] a musical,” Guy Ritchie told Nerdist in a new interview. He wouldn’t say more than that because he’s “really just immersed [himself] into that project” but did add that “we still haven’t found exactly which direction we’re going in. I’m confident that at some stage it will reveal itself to me, but right now it’s just a bit too premature.”

That’s both encouraging and discouraging at the same time. The encouraging part is that Ritchie knows a Disney Aladdin movie has to have the songs in it. Those songs are the lifeblood of Disney’s version of that story and without them, fans would certainly feel cheated. The nearly $US1.2 ($2) billion the live-action musical version of Beauty and the Beast has grossed certainly must’ve made that decision easy as well.

However, it’s disappointing to hear that, even in these very, very early stages, he’s not quite sure what the movie is going to be. Then again, that’s not an easy problem to solve. Ritchie obviously wants to do something close to the animated film but also give it his own unique take. We just hope he doesn’t go too far out of the Cave of Wonders. He has to fit those songs in, after all.

Ritchie’s next film, King Arthur, is out this week and he’s likely to make the Aladdin remake his next film after that, but nothing is set.


  • Not to worried about the songs TBH. All I wanna know is which white guy they’re gonna cast as the Arabian Aladdin.

    • I’m more curious who could possibly fill the role of Genie. Robin Williams was perfection, I can’t think of anyone off the top of my head who would be capable of replacing him.

      • I think if they could get James Monroe Igleheart, he would be absolutely superb. He was the original Genie on the Broadway show of Aladdin and was an absolute stand out. Only thing is he’s currently in Hamilton at the moment, so he may be busy.

          • It would be like watching a train wreck. The guy has a place like in Parks and Rec where he is a background dude, don’t think I could handle him as a main.

          • Have you seen Master of None? I saw his stand up and hated it, and gave the show a chance because my girlfriend wanted to watch it… but it wound up being one of my favourite new shows. Totally defied expecations, 10/10.

          • I haven’t gotten into it yet but on that recommendation will give it a go. I recently watched a movie that he was in and he was really grating but I’ll give it a try.

  • I pity the poor bastard they try to fill Robin Williams’ shoes with. Hes not going to deserve the mountain of shit thats going to be thrown his way. .So long as he doesnt try to make the genie an Ace Ventura juggalo hybrid anyway…….

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