Overwatch Anniversary Event Brings Some Killer Dances

Overwatch's one-year anniversary event is live — that means a ton of new Legendary skins, three new arena maps, and a slew of new bringing-me-to-tears adorable dancing emotes. Happy birthday, Overwatch, and may each year bring a new iteration of Sombra doing the Shuffle.


First, let's take a look at some Legendary skins:

And my favourite....

The new dancing emotes are bound to be the most popular anniversary addition to Overwatch. We have Tracer doing the Charleston, McCree doing a line dance and, yes, Reinhardt waltzing:

Roadhog, you are so cute. Yes, you are.

Finally, the anniversary event brings three new and anticipated maps to Overwatch's popular 3v3 elimination Arcade mode. Here's Ana Amari's map, Necropolis:

Here's Castillo, which overlooks Dorado:

And Black Forest, located right outside Eichenwalde:

Now, let the loot box mining begin! Here's the trailer for the event:


    Nuh Uh.. That be the Juicy Wiggle

    Add dance moves to bring peeps back to game
    See game is still unbalance broken POS
    But has dance moves now

    I guess I could give Splats a bit of a break...

    Such a shame that not every hero gets a new skin for Overwatch's Anniversary.

    If I was a fan of a hero that didn't get one I'd be a tad annoyed at Blizzard right now.

    Oh wait... I am...

    Nothing new for Junkrat or Torb. Yes, I know Torb got 2 new skins last event, but this is the Anniversary! Still should've had a new skin for that.

    For the most part the new skins are pretty cool. I like how Lucio's plays 2 new jazz songs for his crossfade. Bastion's and Genji's look cool. Soldier's and Zarya's just look weird. Hanzo's is kinda meh. Mei's new Beekeeper skin and D.Va's retro skin look awesome.

    Speaking of which, it's such a shame Mei's new skin doesn't change any of her ability FX like her Christmas skin did. Blizzard had a great opportunity to have her shoot honey, make a beehive wall, pop into a beehive or a block of amber to heal, and have her ultimate be a swarm of bees but no, it's just a plain ol' skin.

    And Tracer gets to be the graffiti tagger despite Sombra graffiti being all over the new Castillo map. Tracer gets a shiny new legendary but Sombra still hasn't had any new legendary's since her debut. Not even for the Anniversary, eh Blizzard?

    The dance emotes are a nice addition. Pharah's is easily the best of the bunch as it comes complete with its own fx and extra sounds!

    Rein's is hilarious, dancing with his hammer ;)

      thats because Tracer >>> Everyone else in the whole game. Maybe I am a tad biased?!

      I reckon your proposed changes to Mei sound cool but might push it beyond cosmetic change into gameplay-change territory. People are so used to a big white wall that totally changing that might be an unfair advantage.

        Eh. They could make it so that the enemy team sees the default power FX but they could still change them up for the player.

      you're complaining that junk rat and torb didn't get skins? hahahaha, no.

    Tracer's dance FTW! Though not completely sold on her skin. Love the D.VA and Mei skins. Thankfully not too many others are tempting me. I might get off this event without too much damage to my credit card. Here's hoping I can play enoguh to just get what I want unlike other events.

    Are we going to get an article about how some of these skins are cultural appropriation now?
    I'm looking at you in particular D.Va. How dare you steal western culture!
    Let alone Mei, stealing japanese culture with her dance animation.

    Aw come on, another event before the competitive season even finishes? I take the time between events to take a break, I can't get all 100 items while playing other games.

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