Overwatch's Double-Ultimate Is A Sight To Behold 

Oyana's team was in overtime when they countered one devastating ult from the opposing Pharah with an exploding mech suit. There were bright lights, tons of explosions, and a lot of dead players.

It was beautiful to watch.

Oyana took out both the Pharah raining down missiles and the Mercy who had just revived her team. Instead of her mech shooting off into the ground, its trajectory governed by the game's normal approximation of Newtonian physics, it sat hovering in mid-air just prior to detonation thanks to the Egyptian soldier floating just below it.

It was perfect timing, unless you were one of the poor souls trying to push the payload. "Their Mercy ressed them directly into said shitstorm, resistance was futile," Oyana said in a Reddit post.

As another poster pointed out, the D.Va ult on top of a Pharah's barrage manoeuvre is rare but not unheard of, and it's glorious every time.


    I've been playing with a friend over the free weekend to try and get him into the game.
    he loves Junkrat, he pretty much refuses to play anyone else so I've been playing as Orisa to help compliment that play style as much as I can, it's worked great so far. I'll use her Halt ability to drag them all to one spot as he ults with the riptyre, hes got play of the game nearly every match.

    I am a big fan of taking one of the team and Reinhart charging Dva's ult. Only once have I seen someone manage to pluck her from midair with a well timed charge off a balcony, was pretty swish.

      Meanwhile I'm so skilled that from time to time I do something similar with Roadhog, and hook Dva's ult into my team hiding behind a wall to ensure all our deaths.

      Last edited 29/05/17 9:31 pm

        Haha classy, I must say I am guilty of accidentally hooking Junkrat's riptire on occasion.

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