Overwatch Player Drops Genji's Ultimate Within 15 Seconds Of The Match

Dragon Blade is Genji's ultimate. It grants the cyborg ninja 1.17 swings per second, 120 damage per swing, an eight meter per second movement speed and lasts just six seconds.

Player KingFluffy was able to fill up the ultimate meter in scarcely twice that time to unleash a brutal onslaught that left the other team to wither and die.

It's every Genji player's dream, and something to remember the next time you and your team clump up near a choke point thinking that Reinhardt and Mercy will be enough to protect you all.


    This isn't doing anything to unconvince me that Genji is still an OP pocket pick in the OW meta.

      to be fair.. most Genji's i have seen are either the most skilled player i have ever seen..

      or the weakest link their team.

      Never seen them consistently OP... and those i see who are really good, check their stats and yeah they are most likely diamond ranked.

      in summary, i dont think there is a problem with genji.

    Eh, I've gotten Symmetras and Junkrats ult in a faster time.

    And to think all they needed was a roadhog to hook him mid dash.... tsk tsk tsk.

    But how? It takes me long than that to even see the first enemy!

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