Overwatch Players Are Throwing In-Game Dance Parties

Overwatch's new anniversary event, which kicked off yesterday, is a pinata explosion of celebration and glee. But who actually cares about that? The only thing that matters is dance emotes. Now Overwatch has turned into a giant dance floor.

Overwatch players have started using the game's custom match tools to host dance parties. A lot of people are doing this. Seriously, a lot.

Typically, this involves jacking up everybody's HP to infinite (to make sure nobody can kill the good vibes... or each other) and letting them cut loose on a smaller map. Sometimes people run around and try to shoot each other anyway, but in my experience, people usually end up congregating in the middle, dancing, and chatting. Some servers play music over voice chat, which is cool. I even came across one server that paired dancing and character shipping. I was surprised by this for an entire third of a second.

Here's a video of one, courtesy of DogeOfShibe:

It's not all that far removed from other chill-out servers in Overwatch, but it's a welcome break from Overwatch's usual chaos, in which lives are lost, salt is spilt, and nobody gets on the damn payload.

At one point, I even got to play a concert on Pharah's rocket guitar:

For a brief, shining moment, I was my truest self. Then another Pharah player used her concussive blast to catapult everybody into a hole. If that's not widely considered a party foul, it probably should be.

Dance emotes are limited to Overwatch's anniversary event, meaning that people won't be able to unlock them after it's over. I wonder, then, how long this trend will last. I also wonder how people will inevitably incorporate sex role-play into this, but I should probably stop.


    I wish I could join in but after 15 loot boxes, that I earned, in each box I got three greys and a blue, and they were only sprays or old voice lines (or copies of the same sprays) and then miraculously I got a single purple. At least it was the dance for my main. Sadly its pretty typical of Overwatch rates. by the time you actually get the things you want to wear or use to be part of the event you dont get until you buy at the end of event. Roll eyes.

      Alas, it was planned that way. Some people get lucky and get (or buy) the new skins, and then all the other people who are grinding away have those skins rubbed in their collected faces. 'Buy me' the loot boxes whisper, 'you know you want to'... *runs screaming into the distance*

        both funny and true *twitch* but I am strong. (Disclaimer: I am not)

      Yes, this has been the experience in our house so far for this event. One purple, the rest sprays and icons. And the purple was apparently the one skin that wasn't wanted. And that would be annoying but somewhat ok, if it wasn't for the fact that even if you buy the loot boxes, you still aren't guaranteed anything better. You could buy a hundred loot boxes and still not get that skin you want.

      Your story is legit the exact same as mine, except the emote was for Bastion. Will come back next time there mystery duels is back in rotation, the rest of the game is really boring.

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