Overwatch Team Wastes Four Ultimates Trying To Take Down Roadhog

Pro tip: don't engage your ultimate unless you're sure you'll actually get to use it.

It seems like the best Rodhog players are always playing for the other team, and I'm sure that's how the Soldier 76, Genji and McCree felt when they and their fellow Roadhog got absolutely destroyed in Massev's recent Play of the Game below.

I only wish Blizzard would implement a sort of reverse Play of the Game montage so we could experience these highlights from the point of view of that sleep walking McCree.


    Perfect example of panic ults

    At first I was like how can you even tell then I realised there was a gyfcat link.

    Alternative title enemy team wastes four ults defending point.

    At no point was roadhog being focus fired by four ults or he would be dead.

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