Phantom Dust Is Getting Re-Released On Xbox One, PC

Phantom Dust, which we very recently named one of the best Xbox games, is re-releasing tomorrow on Xbox One and Windows 10. And it will be free.

The property has had a tortured time at Microsoft of late, with a planned new game killed off and its studio closed.

How A Small Studio's Chance At The Big Time Died At Microsoft's Doorstep

One week in early February, three top employees from the independent game studio Darkside Games flew to Redmond, Washington for a secret meeting with Microsoft.

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Studio Behind Phantom Dust Reboot Shuts Down

Independent development studio Darkside Games, which was working on the planned reboot of the cult classic Phantom Dust, shut down this afternoon in the wake of news that Microsoft had cancelled their version of the game, Kotaku has learnt.

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A remaster of the original game was announced at E3 last year. it's unclear whether this is that remaster, or simply a port.


    Well this is awesome. Odd that its free though.

      I believe Micro Transactions are in it, although they are saying they are certainly not necessary.

      My guess is that this is a test to see if people are still interested in the series and want to gauge interest on making a new one.

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