How Prey’s Best Characters Came To Life

How Prey’s Best Characters Came To Life

One of Prey‘s biggest strengths is how it realises the inhabitants of the space station Talos-1, and on today’s Kotaku Splitscreen, we talk to the man responsible for many of them: Chris Avellone.

First, Kirk and I talk a bit about Nier: Automata (6:55) and the Nintendo Switch (11:15) before jumping into this week’s news: disappearing from Xbox Live and Steam (28:55).

Then we speak to Avellone (34:30) about his writing work on Prey and how he constructed so many of those great characters. We even BLOW HIS MIND with the revelation of a fantastic easter egg. Finally, we’ve got a couple of listener questions (1:04:17) including one that really Takes a Chance.

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