Podcast: Should Nintendo Make Switch VR?

Should Nintendo make a VR peripheral for Switch? What would Kirk and I do if we were put in charge of Bungie? Get the answers to those questions and many more, on today's Kotaku Splitscreen.

I just started Nier: Automata, so Kirk and I talk about that for a bit (7:17) before jumping into the news, starting with Zelda's first DLC (18:33). Then, we chat about the New 2DS XL (24:42) and Darksiders 3 (31:59) before pulling open the listener mailbag to take questions on all sorts of things, from Switch's VR potential (38:16), to Mass Effect: Andromeda (53:51), to what Kirk and I would do if we were put in charge of Bungie and asked to make up some new Destiny games (1:18:02). Assuming Bungie didn't oust us in a grand coup, that is.

You can download the MP3 here.

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    They should look at a possible third party peripheral, something easy you can clip on, otherwise hold out until we see where this generation of VR is going.

      With the switch, all I see is them releasing a headset similar to the google cardboard.
      The controllers have motion sensors in them.
      Doesnt the screen have a motion sensor in it as well?

    The switch can barely do 900p at 30 FPS, I dont think its VR capable outside of the most basic terrible games.

    Hope you enjoy the N64 level graphics that'd ensue due to the powerdrain... (ok hyperbolic, but there would be a BIG hit in the already lower quality.)

    It'd do more damage than good. The lower resolution and framerate rates would make it look terrible putting more people off VR.

      Not to mention the form factor, it would make for a very front-heavy headset to clip that onto something like you would a Galaxy into a GearVR. Wouldn't be very comfortable for long.

    Nintendo would find a way to fuck it up as usual.

    Nintendo will not do VR with this thing. No way you could do it comfortably. The only thing where you strap the processing to your face is a phone and they are already built to be light and thing. All the others are just displays.

    I'm sure they experimented with it but they are not going to put out something so half baked.

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