Pokemon Sun And Moon Mod Is A Hardcore Overhaul 

Pokemon Nova Sun and Umbra Moon is a mechanical rework of last year's big Pokemon releases meant to give fans a challenging Pokemon experience. Battles in this mod are tougher thanks to a combination of high levels, a more intense difficulty curve, and an AI that uses actual competitive strategies.

Here's the trailer:

Created by Dio Vento, Nova Sun and Umbra Moon introduces a staggering number of tweaks, including:

  • Shops have better items
  • NPCs have more Pokemon with items, improved movesets, if not a full six monster team. "Every trainer in the game has been edited, and the level curve expects use of the Experience Share," Vento writes.
  • A perfect Ditto is readily available to the player for breeding
  • Eggs hatch faster
  • Wider variety of wild Pokemon, all of which can hold items / are not locked to versions or time of day
  • Easier methods to evolve
  • Totems use new strategies, and are beefed up
  • Areas are optimised for EV training
  • More random encounters that can SOS

Some of these adjustments may sound like they would make the game easier, but it seems that they are included to allow the player to beef up and train their monsters. Fewer hours spent on artificial time-wasting means more time to plot out better builds, hopefully in the name of meeting the challenge of a gruelling difficulty curve.

The mod has been in the works since the release of Sun and Moon, and continues to be updated. You can check out Pokemon Nova Sun and Umbra Moon here.


    *starts stopwatch* so how long after this post will nintendo go after them like all the others.

      They're smart though, this isn't a pre-release trailer. The mod is already out there, so even if it gets taken down, it will live on forever.

        Exactly. They did this the right way. Nintendo can eat it :)

    This is all very awesome. Small problem though - I have to hack my 3DS to try it out :( I'm brave enough to try it, but there's no easy hack for my current firmware version.

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