Poor Mario Kart 8 Player Gets Forced Out Of First In Worst Way

To play Mario Kart is to suffer, especially if you're in first. Sometimes, though, the Mario Kart doesn't just take the crown away — it also makes you regret picking up the controller at all.

Twitch streamer PREYINGSHARK recently shared an agonising Mario Kart 8 Deluxe clip where Daisy loses the lead, only to get hit by every item imaginable. The footage, which is appropriately titled "FUCK THIS GAME", is hard to watch:

Oof. Stop it, Mario Kart, she's already dead!

I guess Daisy must be cursed: Remember that time she got wrecked in Mario Kart Wii?

That's the Mario Kart experience for you.

(Via Twitter user Nibel)


    Hahaha....I love it. Just makes me want to have a quick game.

    Luckily I have a switch........and an office.

    my switch is being repaired so im playing on my wii u mario kart :D

    Super frustrating but this is the game. You just have to strategise as best you can to stay on top of things. Always try and keep two shells in the inventory with one always behind the kart, or another item.....Horn's are like gold if you're in first place. Never use it just on other karters, only for blue shell. Concentrate on racing a perfect line until that blue shell comes visiting and use it up.....unless a ghost steals it......then you're done. LOL. Sometimes I even let someone go in first place and stick right behind them for most of the last lap and ensure I have a way to take them over at the last second. First place is a very dangerous place to be.

    Brutal game at times. Absolutely brutal.

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