Punk Wins Street Fighter V ELEAGUE Invitational In Climactic Comeback

After falling to Arman "Phenom" Hanjani in the winner's finals, Victor "Punk" Woodley ran it back through the loser's bracket to win the Eleague Street Fighter V Invitational 4-2.

When Punk and Phenom met in the winner's bracket, Punk seemed to have no answer for Phenom's air game as Necalli. Constant jumps and dive-kicks, coupled with some stellar grapples, secured Phenom the winner's advantage and a seat at the grand finals.

Punk, meanwhile, fought through a gruelling match against Keita "Fuudo" Ai's fearsome Mika, going the distance in a tense first-to-three. Securing his rematch, the self-proclaimed "Alpha" would have to find the solution to Phenom's Necalli, while down a set thanks to winner's advantage.

Punk seemed to find the solution, coming out with a strong first two sets and only dropping a single overall. Punishing Phenom's Necalli for a crucial on a decisive combo, Punk secured the win at 4-2. The Karin pro takes home $US150,000 ($201,390) in prize earnings and defends his title as one of the best in Street Fighter V.


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