Report: Resident Evil Is Getting A Six-Movie Reboot

Report: Resident Evil Is Getting A Six-Movie Reboot

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The Resident Evil movie franchise may have recently come out with The Final Chapter, but the curtain’s not drawn on this series just yet. Variety is reporting that there are plans to make a six-movie reboot of the video game film series.

According to the report, Constantin Film board chairman Martin Moszkowicz confirmed at Cannes Film Festival that the German studio is developing a Resident Evil series reboot. Constantin Film, which has produced all the previous Resident Evil films, still owns rights to the franchise.

According to Moszkowicz, the goal is to milk six movies out of the deal, which is the same number as the original series. While it might sound sudden, it’s not really surprising they’d want to bring back this series. The original franchise brought in $US1.2 ($2)-billion worldwide, and it’s the highest-grossing film series based on a video game.

The production company isn’t revealing anything else at this time, including possible directors and stars, or how/if it would fit into the existing series canon. It doesn’t seem likely that Paul W.S. Anderson, who wrote all six original films and directed four of them, would be involved this time around … especially since he’s currently working on Monster Hunter. And if Anderson is out, that probably means Milla Jovovich would be out too, given their marriage and frequent work partnership.

We’ll keep you posted as we learn more.


  • Jesus Christ, it’s barely in the ground and they’re already trying to resurrect it? I mean, it’s a zombie movie, yeah, but still.

    • I’m only guessing, but they probably have a “use it or lose it” clause in their licence agreement, just like Sony did for Spiderman. Considering the amount of money they made off the series it would be foolish for them to allow the licence to lapse.

  • I was a curmudgeon and never liked the Jovovich ones, but they were worth a look at some points.

    The games themselves have become (and always were) interactive shlock horror movies and that’s a good thing. It’s like people seem to forget this when talking about the movie adaptations, I mean, they weren’t like anything ever attempted really.

    The story of the games is its own game mechanic as well, you didn’t know the whole plot unless you were paying attention/playing the sequels anyway.

    I’d say start with the mansion, then from there go completely off-piste, but that was this series did.

    Just don’t start with Las Plagas.

  • Keep lapping this shit up people, they wouldn’t keep churning em out if ya didn’t spend your money on them.

  • Awesome. I loved the WS Anderson /Jovovich movies. Big dumb action movies with zombies, monsters, and a killer tough leading female hero.
    Totally lost the plot at times and went completely craazy at the end with cloning!
    Watched all of these over the years with my son, and laughed at how ridiculous they were, cringed at the gore effects and had a great time. Topped it off with a Gold class trip in Jan to see the Final Chapter.

    Great way to introduce him to more horror movies I loved a a kid. Dude is a massive Evil Dead fan now!
    I know it isn’t close to the game series, but when your Director is the dude responsible for Alien V Predator, you gotta know what your getting yourself in for!

    Will definitely be keeping an eye on this new series as it gets developed

  • Sure why not, I hope the new deal can be a proper reboot and bring something new to the franchise.

  • Make ’em straight up horror and I’ll be keen. Wasn’t a fan of the OTT action. Saw the last one at the cinema. What a mess.

  • I watched The Final Chapter yesterday for the first time and was glad when it finished, as they couldn’t keep churning these out. I’m a big fan of Resident Evil but those movies needed to die about 4 iterations ago

  • They were trashy, but big dumb action\horror’s are a dying breed.

    Happy they’ll bring new ones out. Might even do something cool with it this time.

      • Are you incredulous about the joke or the purported demise of big dumb action-horror films? Apart from REvil, I can’t name any contemporary series.

  • Tried watching the most recent one and turned it off after 10 minutes wondering how grown adults made something so pathetically bad.

  • Maybe they can try something new, like hiring actors
    could make a difference, maybe

  • It’s a good idea that there doing a resident evil movie reboot because it can revive the franchise by bringing characters and enemies from the game like Chris or Leon, enemies like nemesis, tyrant from re1 , willam Birkin , James Wan or Greg Russo should make the movie like the game

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