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The very first comment yesterday got the right answer — it was indeed Comix Zone! Congratulations to littlejulesy for being the first! Now, see if you can guess this one...

Good luck!


    Shadows of the empire, seeings rogue is already taken.

    Rebel Assault?

      Angle is wrong for Rebel Assault... this is almost top down... which could make it an RTS?

        Probably, I just wanted to add something different. I do vaguely remember seeing a similar sort of scene in the first Rebel Assault during the snowspeeder sequence when flying around though - it's not quite a top down angle, looks like flying towards the target.

    Star Wars Monopoly ... because fuck it, why not.


    Haven't gotten through the laundry list yet so I'll say:
    Lego star wars!

    Lee Carvallo's Putting Challenge. I'd recognise it anywhere.

      Would you like to play again?

      You have selected... no.

    All the good ones are gone... maybe Star Wars: Commander?

    The mobile game?

    Shadows of the Empire

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