Ah, I've missed this. Let's draw a video game, and see if you can guess what it is.

Good luck! Also: if you're wondering why this is so hideous, it turns out there is a Surface Studio in the office. It's sitting on the desk next to me, so I figured I'd try and draw today's ScribbleTaku with it.

It ... does not appear to have gone well. Sorry.


    Commander Keen? (Minus the green lines on the helmet)

    That's Wonder Boy, y'all!

    Wonder Boy on sega master system (or the arcade version). The title screen

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    Wonder boy: the Dragons Trap

      Close, but pretty sure that's the title screen from the original.


    Looks like a human version of Aki Terra from the Gaijin Gamers.

    @alexwalker How was it like to draw on? Is it easy?

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      It's pretty good. I think you'd have a blast.

        It's cheaper than a wacom in some respects. The one's that double as a screen. Might be worth looking into in the future. Thanks!

    Donald Trump's Real Estate Tycoon

      OK, that made me laugh. Click of the up-arrow for you!

    Filed to: "Australian Stories"... err wut? :)

      All the original posts by AU authors are posted under that tag. Scribbetaku's been tagged that way as long as I can recall.

    Wonder...The Legend of Zelda - Wind Waker

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