Yup, mysteryman was right: Mark's ScribbleTaku on Friday was Super Metroid, the pipes at the top of Mother Brain's glass tank. Nice work mate.

But it's a new week. Can you guess today's game?

Good luck! And email in if you'd like to see how people go at guessing your scribbles.


    Fantasy World Dizzy.

      Or Treasure Island Dizzy?

        @grunt and @bondles.

        I know it's one of those games. I remember seeing that image in Zero Punctuation (before Yahtzee devolved to whining about reviewing J-RPGs every second video!).

        I honestly think it's Treasure Island Dizzy as Remember This and ScribbleTaku have an old gag where the editors try to throw us off using ZX Sprectrum games.

        Which in itself makes the game very hard as only five people in the UK every bought the thing; real people the world over bought a BBC Micro or similar.

        [Runs to escape the wrath of @markserrels]


          Mate, it's my wrath you have to be careful of!

          *pulls out obscure DOS screenshots from the 80's*

            *pulls out obscure DOS screenshots from the 80's*

            Wouldn't that just change the difficult from "Nightmare!" to "I'm too young to die"?

            As least DOS users had to be counted on an adding machine and not one hand like the Spectrum!


              Spectrum? Common as muck when I were a lad in the wilds of South London.

              It was Amstrad owners that were a rare breed. :)


            Is that a clue, 'cause the first Dizzy wasn't on PC...

            (I played Dizzy on my Amstrad. Oh yes.)

              Hehehehe. Miss my old CPC 464. It was the computer I learned to program on back in the day; mostly from the Osborne books.

              Really devastated me when one time we moved and the best I could do was convince my mother to donate the computer to the Salvos rather than bin it.

                Really well designed machine. I had a mouse and an external floppy drive on mine. :D

            Trouble with those obscure DOS screenshots from the 80's is that a screenshot of Zork could be identical to Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy...

            Apple 2 was the first machine I came across (well off Godfathers), C64 the first I owned.

          I only put Yolk Folk down because that was the first pic I saw that was remotely close to the hand drawn effort and hadnt been called yet. I think its Treasure Island Dizzy myself actually, but heres the pic I was using as reference for yolk folk.

          I think we all agree its one of the dizzy games, its just going to come down to whether Alex wants the specific game, or whether Dizzy itself is enough.

          The one Yahtzee always refers to is Fantasy World Dizzy. But he looks the same in every game. Could be Treasure Island, could be Fantastic, could be anything really. Unless there's only one game where he has a sprite with one hand up?

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