Image: Kotaku

Crotchdot took out the honours on Friday, nailing Sabre Wulf as Mark's game of choice for ScribbleTaku. Nice work, mate.

But will they - or you - be able to guess today's game?

Good luck! And if you want to have a crack at drawing yourself, you can! Just email it in with the name of the game.


    Pretty sure I'll kick myself when I find out what this is.. Looks so familiar.
    All that keeps coming to mind is Conkers bad fur day.. like it's a counter for those stupid beehives or something... highly doubt it... but damn... soooo familiar!

    Does look quite a bit like the rope counter in Spelunky.

      Now now, don't be greedy. ;)

      Good work, gamer!

      aha!!! indeed! Knew i'd seen that sum bitch somewhere! I was thinking too far back! ;)

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