Image: Kotaku

Two for two for Crotchdot, then. Yesterday's game was indeed the rope counter from Spelunky; nice work mate.

Can you guess today's game?

Good luck!



      Easy one today! Blood was so fun! aAaaAHHHH GOD IT BURRNS IT BURNS AARRRRRGGGGHH


    It's a picture of me starting another flame war on Kotaku.


    Edward Potato-Hands

    Police Quest 4? Reminds me of the scene when your torch the cross dresser in the closet

    It makes me think of Until dawn

    Alone in the Dark. The bad one.

      That'd be my guess too. Problem is the drawing fits almost identically for both Blood and AitD (2008).

    I have never heard of "Blood" :/. I was going to say Manhunt, but I guess that is wrong :P

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