Seems like I can draw mine carts from Donkey Kong Country better than I thought. And apologies to Zombie Jesus*, who correctly guessed Forbidden Siren 2 on Thursday. As for DKC, Wisehacker was the fastest cab off the rank again - nice work mate.

Let's throw a curveball at you all to start off the week. This should be fun.

Good luck!



    Makes me think of a level editor - Timesplitters 2 maybe?

    @alexwalker Wasn't me, it was Zombie Jesus. I guessed the first one, ZombieJesus guessed the second one

      Oh, I misread that completely. My bad.

        All good. It was an honest mistake

    9-11 as depicted by the asteroids graphics engine

    Picross 3d?

    Tenchu 2, the training level grappling hook up onto a tower?

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