A few people got it, but credit goes to smithacular first: he correctly nailed the game from yesterday's ScribbleTaku as Dota 2. It wasn't the phase boots, but just the boots above the movespeed icon that every hero has at the bottom. Nice work, mate.

For those that missed out, don't worry. You can have a crack at today's game.

Can you guess the game?


    Ghouls n Ghosts

    Guy in the stocks reminds me of the main character from MediEvil.

      That's the first game that came into my mind when i saw the pic.

    Actually @alexwalker they removed that icon when they reworked the HUD for version 7.00, so technically I guess that's kind of cheating?

    I'm just salty because I knew I reconized it from somewhere but it didn't click because I hadn't seen it for ages.

    Diablo 3!

    Super ghosts and goblins!

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