So Who Won Our Injustice 2 Competition?


Last week we asked you to send us your best superhero pictures for a chance to win a copy of Injustice 2 on PS4 or Xbox One.

Here are our winners, broken down by console. If you won, look out for an email from us shortly!

Xbox One

Batman Begins by @jumbino

Spidermen by @clawshrimp

Inspector Gadget by @jack22493

He asked if it counts, and it totally does.

Bat Girl by @honeybadger1

Link by @stafhat


Batman and Superman by @serif

"With great power comes great responsibility" by @aar0n

Batman by @kryan

TMNT by @tsunami

Spidergirl [email protected]


    Awesome! Thank you Kotaku AU and WB! :)

    Always fun watching kids be kids. God, I miss not having a buggered knee and sense of smell.

    Thanks Kotaku Team. I'd love to sure the prize with my Daughters, but they are a little young to play. I'll just have to reward them with my unconditional love.

    Wow, I've been having the worst week and I log in to see this - thanks so much Kotaku and WB, can't wait to relive those childhood battles :)

      your photo was the cutest, deserving winner

    Batman? Super-bat? Boy-man? I'm done confused, Ma.

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