So Who Won Our John Wick: Chapter 2 Competition?

So Who Won Our John Wick: Chapter 2 Competition?

This week, we gave away 10 double passes to go see John Wick: Chapter 2. Who won?

Our winners are:

Commander ShepRed: Hotel Continental simulator. You play the concierge of the Hotel Continental. You must meet the needs of your… Particular clientele while maintaining a successful hotel business. Eventually John Wick turns up and flat kills a dude in one of your rooms, adding a high level hide-a-body challenge to the simulation.

arrogant8: John Wick’s Puppy Rescue Playhouse. Join John and thousands of mistreated pets finally find a home and at the same time seek vengeance. John and his companions will hunt whomever mistreated them with a large action packed arsenal and on their downtime, feed, grow and play with your rescued puppies! M15+

vaegrand: Cooking WICK, lets cook! Wick has come to the conclusion that his best chances to get over his wife and stop people from killing his dog is to keep his hands busy. In this case it means cooking a tonne of fantastic meals that people of all ages can enjoy. 100% original idea, no gangsters were killed during the making of this idea.

cr33g: A nine player multiplayer game. Eight players will take the role of their own specific thug, each having their own strengths, weaknesses, starting weapons etc. These goons must work together to take on a lone player, someone who is in the blood stained shoes of “Baba Yaga”, AKA John Wick. John Wick moves quickly and quietly, capable of easily eliminating each goon one by one with his deadly efficient combat skills. The only way the goons stand a chance, is if they fight him together. Match types can include elimination/assassination, protection, theft (capture the flag) etc.

jamesh: John Wick would make a good survival horror game. While organising to buy a second hand car, the seller collapses unconscious (probably due to his drinking problems). The next day he calls your friend, screaming incoherently about a dog or something. One by one, your friends and the staff at your family’s completely legitimate business turn up dead, with reports of a lone gunman who seemingly can not be killed by conventional means. Your job is to stay alive long enough to discover the mystery of the dog, and try and resolve the misunderstanding before anyone else needlessly gets killed.

felicitous_blue: John Wicks Lovely Dog Petting Simulator. Mr. Wick spending quality time with dog before “it” happens. Like nintendogs. Wash your dog, take him for a walk to wife’s grave, teach him tricks etc. Do badly and a bunch of Russians turn up and kill him.

nworb: John Wick: Lego Assassin. Standing over the Lego brick tombstone of his pet dog, Lego John Wick is licking a strawberry flavoured ice-cream. Suddenly a group of assorted Lego characters rush through, dancing to the bombastic musical number “Everything is Awesome!”, inadvertently bumping Lego John Wick, causing his ice-cream to fall to the ground. Everything is not awesome. You play as Lego John Wick, and it’s time to avenge your fallen treat. Collect Lego Hotel coins. Unlock Lego tools of assassination. Track down all the Lego people from the menacing musical interlude, until you fight your way to Emmet Brickowski.

SmurfyDog: Ok, so John Wick and his new dog need a little time out. He’s taken a woodworking class and spends way too much time watching pottery videos on YouTube and now he needs to switch off and go off-grid. Just a chance to get away from it all – spend some time alone to quietly reflect on the choices he’s made and where he wants his life to be. Perhaps he’ll write a book. Maybe he can contribute to society and make a difference somehow. Whatever he does, he just needs to be away from people for a good long while.

John answers the ad calling for people to spend a summer as a fire spotter in Shoshone National Forest. And so we have Firewatch – Chapter 2. John Wick replaces Henry after the dramatic ending to the first Firewatch game and is joined by his new dog and Delilah on the radio. Things start out a little icy between John and Delilah – will she be able to bring him out of his shell (he just wants to be left in peace to watch the sunset) or will the story take a very different turn?
You, the player, decide in Firewatch – Chapter 2.

lancestarman: John Wick: The Retirement. The game focuses on the period of time between John leaving the business and his wife’s tragic death. This is a relaxed, quiet game that players can take at their own pace. Think Animal Crossing meets Point and Click adventures. You have people to talk to and errands to run, explore your lavish house or go for a stroll on the beach with your wife. Get to know your neighbours. Take up gardening. You can do whatever you want to do in your retirement. You have no deadlines. You have no pressure. You have no stress. You just have your wonderful life. You’ve earned it, John Wick.

cffndncr: Wick and Morty. Rick and Morty return to the purge planet, but Rick gets captured by an evil gang of purgers angered by his interference in past events. Morty steals the portal gun and travels to Earth to enlist the help of John Wick, who agrees to help murder everyone and free Rick in exchange for rescuing his murdered dog via time-travel shenanigans.

Winners, you should already have an email in your inboxes telling you what you need to do! If you haven’t, please get in touch.


  • Thanks for the tickets! I’d almost forgotten that this film was coming out after all the news of it being delayed in Australia. Now I’ll definitely go see it.

  • Thank you for the tickets. I’m really glad you liked my idea. 🙂

    I was hoping the tickets were going to be available via digital distribution (was really hoping to see John Wick: Chapter 2 this past weekend) but it’s physical copies only… which is totally cool, because I’ll just go see the film this coming weekend.

    My favourite idea is the first one, Hotel Continental Simulator. I’d play the hell out of that.

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