Someone Recreated Terminator 2 Using GTA 5

Someone Recreated Terminator 2 Using GTA 5

It’s been a good week for dedication. Yesterday we had the bloke who made RollerCoaster Tycoon NPCs run around a maze for hundreds of virtual years. And today there’s this: a recreation of Terminator 2 inside GTA 5‘s movie maker.

Kramer’s Media, a Russian filmmaker on YouTube, hasn’t completely remade James Cameron’s classic: it’s only an hour long, and the majority of the movie isn’t in English. It’s dubbed for Russian audiences, although you can hear some English lines throughout.

It’s been around for a while as well, but we haven’t posted it here and it’s a little too good not to admire. All the main scenes, characters and locations from Terminator 2 are here, recreated within Rockstar’s movie maker.

The creator mentioned in the comments that English subtitles will come at some stage, although the movie will never be dubbed in English. Which seems like a bit of a shame, really, since plenty of the lines are already in English if you listen closely enough.

Still, you can’t help but appreciate the effort.


  • Awesome job. Love the fact that games have come far enough to actually do this kind of thing. I was watching this, remembering playing T2 on the NES. Then I felt old.

  • Wow. This is really good. Can see the hours of work that went into making this as accurate as possible.

  • Umm why would it need to be dubbed in English when the video is already using 100% of the films original audio? Its actually dubbed in, what, Russian? Don’t need dubbing or subtitles when all the creator needs to do is export the video without Russian over the top. How do you guys miss the obvious?

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