SonicFox Wins Inaugural Injustice 2 Premier Event At Combo Breaker

At the end of an intense top eight, Dominic "SonicFox" McLean secured a 3-1 win in the first Injustice 2 Pro Series event at Combo Breaker 2017 on the PlayStation 4.

SonicFox made a dominant run through the winner's bracket on both his Deadshot and Black Adam play, including a 3-0 win over to-be grand finalist Sayed "TekkenMaster" Hashem. When the two met again as the last two standing, TekkenMaster stuck to his guns on Atrocitus, and faced with the challenging task of beating SonicFox twice.

On his Black Adam, SonicFox took the first two games, which even led TekkenMaster to hover Gorilla Grodd for a moment in character select before going back to his Red Lantern main. That confidence paid off, resulting in a game 3 win for him that ended on a wager and chip damage.

TekkenMaster looked strong, and even forced a stage transition on SonicFox in the fourth match. But a single missed move would cost him dearly, as SonicFox came out swinging with the lightning bolts that had served him so well throughout the series.

SonicFox celebrated a little before coming back to embrace his opponent to the crowd's cheers. To TekkenMaster's credit, the tourney wasn't just about SonicFox's dominance, but also an impressive performance from Hashem, who took out some of the game's best on his climb up through the loser's bracket to re-match SonicFox.

Besides taking home the trophy, SonicFox also boasts the first premier win in the Injustice 2 Pro Series, which will continue its circuit throughout the summer leading up to the Pro Series Finals on Sept. 17 in Los Angeles.


    Giving up one zoner for another, worse yet and arguably stronger one. If Deadshot is the spam zoner, Adam just controls so much of the screen freely.

    Hopefully NRS will change the frame timings for some of the zoners to allow the meta to grow into something other than zoners vs anti-zoners.

    For the last three days I have pretty much been forced to exclusively use either Cheetah or Canary to force people to stop using the mad amount of spammable zoners.

      One thing that always amazes me with things like this is how people never seem to get bored of doing the same thing over and over again, just because they're winning.

      Apparently I don't like winning anywhere near enough to do the exact same thing for all eternity.

        Levelling up Deadshot to 20 was legitimately the most boring part about this game. I ended up giving up and just having the ai do it.

        I only play one zoner right now and even then he isn't particularly great at it (Darkseid). I find myself playing a lot more brawlers (for fun) or anti zoners (to combat the meta). I think the hero I want to become my main is either Swampthing, Bane or if I can get the inputs finally down pat, Cheetah (I am amateur hour incarnate at her).

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