Splatoon 2 Hardware Announced For Australia, Japan And Europe

A colourful game like Splatoon 2 deserves colourful hardware. That's why Nintendo is rolling out special Splatoon themed controllers for Australia, Japan and Europe. 

[Image: Nintendo]

In Japan, the Splatoon 2 hardware will be available when the game launches on July 21. According to GoNintendo, the same is true for Europe.

Australia will receive the Splatoon 2 Pro Controller for $109.95, as well as a Splatoon 2 Switch carrying case and screen protector for $39.95, both due for release on July 21. Unfortunately, neither the Splatoon 2 Joy-con set nor the themed Switch bundle will be coming to Australia.

[Image: Nintendo]

[Image: Nintendo]

[Image: Nintendo]

[Image: Nintendo]

There is, however, one rather unusual My Nintendo Store exclusive for Japan: An empty Splatoon 2 Switch box. It's recommended for fans who already have the Switch.

[Image: Nintendo]

Oh, and those willing to part with ¥540 ($6.53) for a cardboard box. 


    I would buy the splatoon themed switch in a heartbeat. I'm kind of pissed off that they're not bringing it here.
    Oh well. I'll just go with the original plan of buying it at a toy sale. where they sell at a loss.

      I'm mad both that I bothered to get a Switch + Pro controller already, and that they don't seem to be bringing the Switch and/or joycons here.

    Those joy cons will be mine. Oh yes, they will be mine.

    Unfortunately, neither the Splatoon 2 Joy-con set nor the themed Switch bundle will be coming to Australia

    And Nintendo wonders why many import and get around their region barriers.

      In reality, the joycon colours are the only thing that makes it a splatoon themed console. So if you just import the joy cons, you have a splatoon themed switch.
      Now, to check ozgameshop

        Not there yet but I'm definitely going there for the Joy-Cons and Pro Controller.

          Yeah, it seems like the only option. It sucks. D=

      I am a north american and they didn't announce it for us. Yes they may not have announced it for us and the AU yet does not mean it will not come. I could see them announcing them for NA and the AU st E3

    Time to get some more coloured joy cons!

    If you don't ask you don't get so we should pull out all the stops when we say Australia needs those joy-cons.

    To say nothing of the bundle itself, the Wii U had bundles for years, but little to no special deals where retailers themselves chucked a game or three in with the console, like the others got. Never knew what was up with that. Maybe there's a conspiracy theory on the internet I missed.

    Also, the Pro controller's price is insulting.

      I've seen the Pro for 80 a few times. Get a mate or younger sibling/cousin who works for WW/BigW to use their card for another 5% off. And you might be able to purchase BigW gift cards for 5% off from your insurer or through some other deal.

      The pro controller RRP is in line with the others. I picked mine up at launch for 80, which is in line with the actual retail price of the others.


        Not quite in line, both it and the case are $10 more expensive than their existing counterparts.

        Kinda regretting having already bought a Pro now, though I guess I could maybe do with a second...

          Meh, the xbone controller with battery pack is 10 bucks more. The ps4 controller is 10 less.

          Two joycons cost the same as two move controllers.

          It's pretty much a wash, certainly nothing to get bent out of shape over.

    I reeeaaally like that pro controller. Want.

    Just checked whether you can still get the Joy-con set online in Japan, but it's already sold out... :O

    I'm waiting for the bright red Mario Odyssey themed Switch.

    You know it will happen.

    Damn... I was coming here in hopes that the Splatoon 2 game came bundled with this pro-con. Would of given me the justification to buy both!

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