The Big Question: How Are We Finding Time For All These Games?

Every day, at some point, we’re talking about how much of a cracker year this is. Serrels has crazy Hyrulian stories from his bus trips (more on that later), and I’m frantically trying to get through my Nioh level 1 run before moving onto Nier: Automata in earnest. A fresh round of DLC was just released for both of those games, and we have details on the Zelda DLC… But how in hell are we finding the time to play everything?

I mean, RNGesus. Resident Evil was great. Dark Souls wants to finish off its story with The Ringed City. We’ve got Persona, we’ve got Tides of Numenera… Nioh was fantastic. Horizon was fantastic. Nier: Automata was fantastic. Berseria was fantastic. Some people are saying this Zelda is one of the best games ever. I’m only just now getting into Dawn of War 3, and we have so much to look forward to.

There were disappointments, too, and I think at the end of the year people will be choosing between two games for the Most Disappointing award: Andromeda had a uniformly disappointing experience, whereas For Honor was massively disappointing for the 40% of people who just couldn’t play it.

Those blemishes aside, I really do think this is the best year I can remember. Even better than 2007.

We all have piles of shame already, and we’re either going to have to say no to a few nights out to get through all these amazing games, or we’re going to have to massively prioritise which ones we go with. How are you handling it?

In a bit of a twist, I’ve actually been trying to make my default action when I sit down at my computer to create, rather consume, and that’s been taking the form of loading up Gamemaker 2 to work on my silly little tower defence game. That of course means less time for playing games, but I don’t regret it. I’m actually having a ball.

What about you? How are you navigating one of the best years in gaming ever, both in terms of money and time?

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