The Big Question: Resolution Or Frame-Rate

Are we doing this?

Dear god we're gonna do this.

I mean the answer is pretty straight forward to me. There's a trade-off, but I definitely care more about having a stable frame-rate than a game running at a super high resolution.


There are certain types of games where I'd rather have them run at 30 frames per second instead of 60 for extra detail. A game like, say, Uncharted 4. Story driven games.

But fighters? Your Street Fighters and your Mortal Kombats and whatnot. It's pretty much essential that they run smoothly.

Your thoughts?


    I have SLI 1080ti cards on liquid cooling so my answer is why not both?

    As much as I love my pretty screenshots... being able to play the game smoothly matters more. Let's be real.

    Preferably both. Being sensitive to flicker frame rate is more important to me when I have to make the choice.

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