The Final Wonder Woman Trailer Is Epic In Every Single Way

The Final Wonder Woman Trailer Is Epic In Every Single Way

Huge scope, massive action, painful self-sacrifice, a story spanning generations, the final Wonder Woman trailer is epic in every way imaginable.

It debuted during the MTV Movie Awards but you can watch it below.

That trailer kind of just leaves you breathless, no?

Is it June 1 yet? That’s when Wonder Woman will finally make her long overdue big screen debut.



  • The trailer does look quite cool, and I’m pretty keen to see this movie… but I must admit, as it’s essentially an origins story, I hope they don’t try and cram too much into the experience.

    Could this redeem DC’s films?

    • It’s a solid arc, they just need to stick to the script to make the first DCU film which isn’t a disjointed mess.

      • Despite its flaws, I actually enjoyed Man of Steel.

        Unfortunately, I really disliked Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. It felt like they were trying to “rush” the story of DC (while Marvel took its time with several films) and cram too much into it. It also felt like the writers/directors read a few Batman and Superman comics and just decided “Yeah, let’s use all these ideas in our movie.”

        Suicide Squad, while I did enjoy it, was also heavily flawed. To me, it felt like they were again trying to replicate what Marvel had achieved with Guardians of the Galaxy.

        • Suicide squad was a complete mess in terms of basic editing. The stuffed unicorn turning into a wad of cash to save boomerang was an obvious, atrocious bit of flawed continuity.

          I did like the characters though (except the joker, lol), even the Simpson’s-esque Australian portrayal of boomerang.

          My biggest problem with BvS, which has entirely screwed the whole DCU, is that they’ve started off with old batman. The dark knight returns is iconic, and very good, but it’s the end of the line for bats, it’s his kamikaze.

          You can’t start justice league with a rickety batman who has gone so far off the deep end that he’s branding prisoners to have them killed, and outright murdering criminals.

          In DKR he kills a bit because he’s not strong enough to confidently incapacitate. Well, that and his truckload of mental issues.

    • It’ll be chock full of origin story nonsense, at least 2/3rds of the film will have it.

  • What drugs are you on?!?!?! This looks like the usual Zack Synder slow mo then fast forward disjointed mess that MOS & BvsS were.

    • Fights are being directed by the guy that did the Batman fight from BvS… but the film is being directed by Patty Jenkins who did The Hurt Locker.

      Aside from the established universe it’s operating in… this is not a Zach Snyder joint.
      For better or worse, he’s currently working on Justice League.

  • Remember how good BvS and SS looked. This looks just as good. 2 dungpiles and 1 steaming helping of utter mediocrity is a poor start for the DCEU. As always I hope this is great, no one should want any of these to fail, but WB have done nothing to earn my hype and this doesnt change that.

    I will absolutely be going to see this but bs hype reviews and fanboy bullshit means I will be staying away from other opinions and making up my own mind. Except for RedLetterMedia. Fucking love those guys!

  • Great trailer. They dont show anything of Ares, which makes me worried it will be cramming too much into the movie

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