The First Defenders Trailer Is Here

The First Defenders Trailer Is Here

We knew it was coming, and here’s the first trailer. All of the Netflix heroes – Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist – are in one badass new show called The Defenders.

All I can say is, hopefully they got the writers from some of the better series to handle this one. The quality of these individual adventures has been really up and down, so I’ll be looking to make some strong judgement calls after the first few episodes.

Elektra! Sigourney Weaver! You can expect it to arrive on August 18.


  • It’s only 8 episodes, so the arc will be tighter, thankfully. EVERY one of the Netflix shows has suffered at this point from being a few episodes long unfortunately. If they had of limited to around 10 episodes? It would’ve been a lot tighter, instead of them all feeling like they ran a little too long. Otherwise, hey look at that a group hallway fight *groan*.

    • They’re only 13 eps/s, thats not too bad, as opposed to the DC ones, Arrow, Flash, Legends at 22+ per season there really is a lot of filler in those. I like that they’re a much more concentrated story in each season too where the aforementioned try to add in as much as they can.

      • The 13 episodes becomes an issue when you’ve got 3 stories per arc, and usually the 2nd story becomes arbitrary to the purpose and extends out beyond its natural lifepoint. It’s been a common critique of all the Marvel netflix shows, and not just by me. They run on a bit too long, if they’d cut down a *few* episodes, to around 10, you’d have the perfect flow for them. Daredevil season 1 went just too long, Daredevil 2 suffered immensely once Punisher left and Elektra hit the screen, grinding to a halt majorly. Jessica Jones too. Luke Cage was a big more cohesive and as much as I enjoyed Iron Fist, it too suffered from being a bit scattered. They could all excise a few arbitrary bits here and there. The primary difference between them though, is the Netflix shows are shot as ’11 hour movies’ each season for the shows. Arrow etc, they’re ‘network shows’ on CW, which have to fill orders and yeah absolutely have so much filler, but are also scattered week to week, so dont immediately feel so cramped (and albeit, if the Marvel Netflix shows were viewed week to week, might not either, but different format so these things are an issue, as they’re released in one solid chunk).

        • Good point about the air times, I’ve never had the time to sit and watch an entire season in one hit, so watching the Netflix seasons seem to take a couple of months to get through. I’ve not even started Luke Cage or Iron Fist yet. When you only watch one or two episodes a week, the ‘network shows’ feel like they drag on forever.

          • Absolutely. I recently watched DD s2 again, but paced myself around 2 episodes every 3 or so days and it didn’t feel so sloggish to be honest. It worked a lot better that way. Noone is particularly MADE to watch it in one go, we’re just creatures that will do what we’re presented with normally, it is still our choice of course. Moderation is up to the individual 🙂

  • This looks great, but I found Luke Cage so boring I only made it 1/2 way through the eps….and the reviews of I.F. were so horrible, I couldn’t bring myself to start.

    I wonder if it matters if I skipped those ones

      • Wow, nice assumption. I’d say it’s more of a case of only having limited viewing time, so I try and watch the guaranteed hits, and not use my limited time on the ones that are generally panned.

        But of course you could go with your first assumption of “this guy has no ability to make cognitive decisions and has to inexplicably resort to following other human’s commands” (like Killgrave!)… I’d imagine that’s the bigger stretch to arrive at….but that’s just me

        • and the reviews of I.F. were so horrible, I couldn’t bring myself to start.

          Wow, nice assumption.

          Where’s the assumption exactly? Before you resort to strawmanning there, I was literally responding to exactly what you said, one can only reply to what is written, chill out.

    • Luke Cage was boring. Well, it picks up after the halfway mark, but no one should be forced to watch 6 hours of something before it is half entertaining.
      I would just leave it on in the background while i do other things.

    • Luke Cage was boring but then after pushing myself past 1/2 way it got really good. I loved Iron Fist, it wasn’t perfect but to me it was much more in the right direction…

      Also comparing Netflix Marvel shows to DC ones are dumb, Netflix shows are way under budget, I would guess less 10% the budget of the DC ones and on that alone they have progressed well. Also saying Netflix Marvel shows are cringey is dumb as well as I tend to find DC TV shows much more cringey with stupid one liners… In my opinion DC shows without all the special effects will make them worse than Netflix.

      Also the extra episodes on Netflix Marvel shows have extra episodes, I mean 13 than 10, is because to have enough story to lead to the cross overs or characters show up in multiple series.

  • I guess they HAD to do the whole “superhero fights another superhero” thing, didn’t they? Hopefully that goes pretty quickly.

    • Cage and Rand are best buds forever in the comics so it makes sense that they have a bit of personal time to learn to love one another.

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