The First Trailer For Star Trek: Discovery Is Here To Boldly Go To Beautiful New Worlds

After a brief tease this morning, CBS have just revealed our first full look at Star Trek: Discovery, giving us our best glimpse at what's to come in the future of Star Trek's past.

Revealed at the network's ongoing Upfronts presentation, the trailer marks the first footage from Discovery beyond the initial ship reveal back at San Diego Comic Con last year. Set before the events of the original series, Discovery follows the crew of the titular Federation starship, helmed by Captain Lorca (Jason Isaacs), from the perspective of its First Officer, Michael Burnham (Sonequa Martin Green).

As well as a better look at the ship, we have glimpses of the new uniforms worn by a pre-Kirk Starfleet, a better look at the Discovery herself, and even a brief hint at the Klingons and Spock's father, Sarek. Star Trek: Discovery — which has also been announced as now having 15 episodes in its first season, up from 13, as well as an accompanying aftershow called Talking Trek — is expected to debut on Netflix this spring.


    I will watch it because it's Star Trek...unsure if I will like it.

    I'm a bit disappointed that they decided to go earlier rather than later. It would have been good to see something beyond Voyager/TNG rather than even earlier than Kirk.

    Should I be more excited about The Orville!? I'll give this a go but been burned by prequels before.

      yeah the orville is looking more star trek than star trek

    Those fucking things WERE Klingons, even after they denied they were.... UGH. They look putrid.

      well it answers the age old question of what happens when a klingon mates with a mr potato head

    I enjoy the og and tng stuff but have no emotional investment to them so I'm completely open to this new series. As long as it's spaceships, aliens, exploration, and pew pew, I'm in.

    Last edited 18/05/17 8:15 pm

      You have no emotional connection to Patrick Stewart! Heathen!! :)

        Investment was the word I was actually after haha but yes, not having a connection with Patrick Stewart is pretty much blasphemy. During my childhood I caught glimpses of him in various Star Trek movies and along with his bald shiny head and something else about him at that time of my life (may have been the accent/voice), thought he one of the coolest Western actors ever lol

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    I'd be more interested if it were a sequel to TNG/DS9/Voyager.

    I will initially watch any new Star Trek no matter what it looks like in the trailers. This has neither made more interested or less interested.

    Although as far as this show goes, there seems to be a lot of worrying things about it and this trailer does nothing to avail that.

    Also re-doing the Klingons? Eh, they could have tweaked and made some changes but they now look like generic Sci-Fi bad guy with a helmet of latex on their face.

    I liked the Star Trek movies but I hope they try and make the series a bit more intellectual. Would've been nice if Bryan Fuller was still the showrunner. He might've been a bit wanky with Hannibal but he was never shy of trying new things.

    are we all excited to watch the result of executive meddling from people who dont actually like star trek?

    The only thing in the trailer that was Treky was the end music. How odd.

    This looks beautiful, those effects and location shots are far beyond the ubiquitous paper-maché caves and pot plant store rooms of yore. Watching American Gods I constantly wonder what Discovery would be like under Fuller. Here is our first glimpse of not that.
    While curious about the timeline beyond the 2300s, I think Star Trek got to the outer edge of its thesis with Voyager. Starfleet unable to broker peace with it's ideological opposite: the Borg finally de-claws then through military action.
    I have been hoping for some futurism from this series. Discovery would do well to expose us to new ideas and technology like its forebears, which explored virtual reality, holograms, AI and showed us the iPad years before it came to exist. Discovery may be set as a prequel, but it needs to be new.
    Trek has always been about optimism, and I think we really need that right now. Lets hope we get some light shining through the darkness of this trailer, its all pretty dark, including the retro futuristic bridge design which sits somewhere between Enterprise NX01 and the Kelvin universe NCC1701. The alien design looks pretty solid, and I'm OK with those Klingons.
    I don't really feel that trailer gave away too much, but I'm always down for more Trek. I'm interested in its long form story and how it'll fit in todays TV climate.

    They said this was set in the prime universe, not kelvin. Sure as hell doesn't look like it.

    Also i can't see how this works, it's set 10 years before Kirk, so the Enterprise NCC1701 has already launched and has already started its 2nd 5 year mission with Pike having taken over from April. How can they have this running at the same time as the cage era star trek, makes no sense.

      If we're looking at 2255 roughly, Kirk would have been a Lieutenant on the Farragut at the time. Most sources say the Enterprise originally launched in 2245 (which Jonathan Archer witnessed just before dying) and would have been in operation for 10 years at that point.

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