The Glory Of Being Hit With A Blue Shell At End Of Mario Kart Race

The Glory Of Being Hit With A Blue Shell At End Of Mario Kart Race

You’re about to cross the finish line. Suddenly, a spiky blue shell starts hovering over you. Now, there are ways to avoid getting hit by the world’s most annoying item, but in that moment, there is only tunnel vision for the goal in front of you.

We’ve all been there, yeah?

Sometimes, you let that god damn blue shell hit you. Because it can’t stop you. Sometimes, a blue shell only makes taking first all the more sweet, as you’ll see in this clip by daydreams-at-midnight. You’ll want to watch with sounds, as they suggest:


Another Mario Kart 8 Deluxe clip I really enjoyed recently was this cathartic first-place win of Kinda Funny’s Greg Miller, who gets hit by five red shells, lightning, AND the blue shell — but none of that stops him from winning the prize:



  • Happened to me at Comic con when i was demoing the switch. Was in 2nd place for most of the final lap and I finally get first when a blue shell comes and ruins my day. Then I came 3rd. Beaten by two seven year olds who cheerfully rubbed it in my face.

  • If you have the skill a blue shell shouldn’t ruin your race honestly. Yes there are times when a blue shell might start off a chain reaction of getting beaned by every item in the game to cause you to come last but those instances are rare.

  • I’m remembering now just how PTSD-inducing it was trying to 3 star each cup on MK8 on the WiiU. Reliving the horror again on Switch. Star Cup. 3 perfect races, 1st place, 10 coins. Fourth race, every single opponent who’s behind me gets a red shell. I got clocked by 9 red shells in one race. The Switch was lucky it didn’t go out the window.

    Random is random, but sometimes I swear the game just fucks with you.

    • MK7 was the same, so was MKds. I have still yet to 3 star everything on either.

      • Man I was damn proud to earn those stars in MKDS. Not sure whether I bothered for 7 though.

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