The International Exhibition Of Sherlock Holmes Is Coming To Sydney

The International Exhibition Of Sherlock Holmes Is Coming To Sydney

Calling all detectives, gamers and puzzle buffs. Starting June 3, the Powerhouse Museum will be the exclusive venue for the International Exhibition of Sherlock Holmes, Sydney’s largest interactive mystery. The Powerhouse has partnered with Gizmodo/Kotaku to find the best and brightest minds to put their detective skills to the test and compete to crack the code to win.

Are you up to the challenge?

It’s an Australian first: the International Exhibition of Sherlock Holmes is an incredible, one-of-a-kind experience that covers 120 years of Sherlock: the novels, the TV shows, the movies, topped off with a brand new interactive Sherlock experience that places you directly in the shoes of the world’s greatest detective.

Immerse yourself in the most comprehensive collection of Sherlock collectibles ever collated. Costumes, set props, behind the scenes equipment from BBC’s Sherlock, the US version Elementary and the recent Sherlock Holmes movie starring Robert Downey Jr — all are present and correct in this, the most definitive Sherlock exhibition ever conceived.

And that’s just one aspect. Fans of the original books are also well served. Want to explore a pitch perfect replica of Sherlock Holmes creator Sir Conan Doyle’s study? How about a look at early manuscripts and first editions. How about exploring one of the world’s most accurate recreations of 221B Baker Street.

This is an exhibition that literally allows you to step into the world of Sherlock Holmes.

But this is far more than just an exhibition. Thanks to the Powerhouse Museum, keen Sherlock fans will be able to take part in Sydney’s largest interactive mystery. All attendees can test their problem solving mettle in this innovative, interactive challenge. How will you fare when presented with a mind-bending murder case in the style of Sherlock Holmes, the master detective. You thought The Witness was hard? Wait till you see this in action!

At Kotaku and Gizmodo, we’re also getting in on the act.

In the classic Moriarty vs Sherlock tradition, where two great minds match against one another in a high stakes game of cat and mouse, Kotaku is facing off against Gizmodo. And you can watch LIVE.

Just like Sherlock and Moriarty, on May 24 members of Gizmodo (Team Sherlock), and members of Kotaku (Team Moriarty) will face off against each other in a Sherlock Holmes style escape room challenge. Watch as we race against one another to see who completes the challenge first. Who will win? Stay tuned to find out on Facebook live. Will you join Team Kotaku or Team Gizmodo?

We also want you to get involved. Later this week we’re creating our own reader challenge. Get ready to switch your brains on: there will be puzzles. At stake: early access to the Sherlock exhibition itself. Stay tuned to both Gizmodo and Kotaku for more information this week.

Sherlock is a unique beast: the original superhero. A character that’s managed to transcend and last for over 120 years. Whether you’re a new fan, brought in by his latest BBC incarnation, or a Sherlock superfan who’s been around since before Sherlock became cool again — regardless of where you sit on the spectrum, there is something at the International Exhibition of Sherlock Holmes. This is an exhibition that appeals to young and old.

The exhibition kicks off on June 3 and runs till October 8. Head to the Powerhouse Museum website for more. Or jump onto Facebook, Twitter or Instagram for more info on the International Exhibition of Sherlock Holmes.


  • I’m excited for this but calling Sherlock ‘the original superhero’ when we have an almost endless number of myths and legends that came before the creation of Sherlock Holmes is a bit silly.

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