The Secret World’s Bizarro Free-To-Play Relaunch Arrives June 26

The Secret World’s Bizarro Free-To-Play Relaunch Arrives June 26

Funcom’s pay-to-play, modern-day paranormal MMO The Secret World relaunches on June 26 as the free-to-play Secret World Legends, delivering the exact same content in a slightly different way. As a player of the original game, the whole thing is downright weird.

I spent a couple of months playing through The Secret World back when it launched in 2012, becoming intimately familiar with the sights and sounds of the first several locations in the game. I’ll be playing through this same stuff in late June, only with enhanced graphics and revamped combat and progression.

This fucker again.

This fucker again.

It’s like the entire game all over again, only from a parallel dimension where everything is slightly different. I suppose that’s fitting, given the theme, but it’s still odd to see Funcom excitedly describing things I was already done with almost five years ago.

If you’re interested in seeing what it’s all about before the launch and have a PC in this particular dimension, you can sign up for the beta at the official website.


  • Im unsure how i feel about this, i love the secret world, the stories are amazing and the concepts are great, the combats always been iffy.
    I’ve not been able to get into the beta for this so im reserving my judgement, but i hope it breaths new life into the game/genre.

    • Yeah, the combat was a bit ehhhh and the difficulty spikes were horrendous, but i LOVED solving the more complex quests/mysteries. The themed dlc was great too, like playing through pulp fiction novellas.

      I hope this revision fixes the issues, because I’d join up again to take some friends through the experience (without solving the quests of course).

  • I still worry as to how this new combat will affect end game dungeons.

    Time will tell.

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