This Week In Games: Pay To Prey

This Week In Games: Pay To Prey

Well I hope you’re all rested up from four day weekends and family time, because this year isn’t going to let up. The big one this week is Prey, and fans of Magic will be happy to see the new Amonkhet block. There’s also something for AFL fans. And next week, we’ve got Strafe and more…

Prey (PC, PS4, XBO)

What is it? FPS with strong role-playing elements and a continuous structure without levels or missions.
Should you care? Arkane is saying this is a spiritual successor to System Shock. I don’t know if it’s good, but one should care.

Skyrim Monopoly (Board game)

What is it? One player buys up properties in the Elder Scrolls universe while the majority of players struggle to pay rent. For those who haven’t had enough of Australia’s housing crisis, and want to drag its themes into their escapism.
Should you care? No. Even if you like Skyrim, Monopoly is objectively bad.

Magic: The Gathering Amonkhet block (Card game)

What is it? The latest block in Magic: The Gathering, with strong Egyptian themes and a few new systems to master. Officially released yesterday.
Should you care? It’s pretty decent from what I’ve seen. Characteristically cool art and the three new systems are interesting. I especially like Exert. The Egyptian theme brings lots of graveyard play, with mummies, embalming, and synergies with zombies.

AFL Evolution (PC, PS4, XBO)

What is it? An AFL video game to sit alongside the FIFAs and the NBA2Ks of the world. Also features a Be A Pro mode.
Should you care? Footy and games aren’t traditionally known for quality, but it might still be fun. There was a demo out earlier in April, but it turned out to be just for the player creation tools.

Outlast Trinity (PS4, XBO)

What is it? A physical collection of the Outlast horror series.
Should you care? Review scores seem to be a pretty consistent “Meh, it’s kinda good I guess.”. Despite the name though, there are two games in this package.

World to the West (PC, PS4, XBO, Wii U)

What is it? Norwegian action adventure with a few different characters exploring a wilderness to solve a mystery.
Should you care? If you played and enjoyed Teslagrad, this is in the same universe. It looks like there’ll be lots of puzzle solving and combat, though you can also choose to negotiate or sneak your way past conflict.

Topsoil (iOS, Android)

What is it? Mobile game about harvesting crops and rotating your soil.
Should you care? It’s super addictive. My new jam.

Clockwise (PC)

What is it? Horror game with puzzle solving aiming to create the feeling of being watched all the time.
Should you care? It promises a different playthrough every time, but whether you’ll want to play it again and again is yet to be seen.

Royal Offense (PC)

What is it? Top-down tactics with heroes that battle monster tribes for money.
Should you care? This one looks a bit Fire Emblem-ey, which is a good thing. A smaller, simpler tactics game ain’t a bad thing at all.

So that’s it for this week: did I miss anything major? Are you grabbing anything new? Let us know in the comments!


  • I feel like I am one of the few that thinks the new Prey looks very average at best. Nothing I have seen so far makes me want to actually play it..

    • Have you played System Shock?

      If you told me you were making toast inspired by System Shock I’d already be more interested than I am for 99% of the shooters on the market.

      I really hoping it delivers.

    • Then play the demo.

      The demo is System Shock 1/2/Deus Ex 1 ish with Bioshock style visuals.

      It’s cool, and rewards exploration and various different paths and possibilities.

      • I was looking forward to the demo when I heard about it, but apparently its just for PS4/Xbone, no PC demo. I’ve seen a lot of people worried that the PC version may be a “dishonored 2 for PC” all over again. I’d hope its nowhere near as bad as that, but the lack of a PC demo doesn’t exactly build confidence.

        • Ah, fair enough.

          I’m a PS Pro player. Dishonored 2 ran fine for me. I’m mainly just happy that 20 years later there’s a group of devs still making games that I adored twenty years ago because they were mechanically amazing and full of new ideas and unlike anything else.

          I abandoned PC around the time of the PS3 launch because consoles had some really unique experiences. But it’s nice to know some of the unique experiences I loved on PC came with me too. 🙂

  • Cant wait for Prey. Hopefully Arkane keeps their impeccable track record going.

    • I wouldn’t call the engine they used for Dishonored 2 ‘impeccable’. The game has some sizeable performance issues on both console and PC, and there was more than just a few people complaining about it and getting refunds because of it. They could have used just about any other engine and it would have netted them a much better result.

  • Nice, I’ll just keep on with Horizon Zero Dawn 🙂

    Also started to play Moe Chronicle!

  • So why the fuck did they call it Prey then when it has nothing to do at all with the original game? Oh thats right because Zenimax got the shits when Human Head refused to brought out and cancelled development of Prey 2 in spite.


  • Even though it looks terrible me and my mates really want to play AFL Evolution, it’s been so long since we’ve had an AFL game and if it is trash we can at least make fun of it.

    • Haha was just discussing this with a colleague. The only AFL game I played was the one I had on my PSP. 😮

      It wasn’t very good. Waaay too easy to just kick mark to mark – just spot any lone player and kick. Get inside 50 and kick for goal. Mind you, the last time Carlton were actually competitive was when I was playing AFL Challenge

  • Topsoil (iOS, Android)

    If you’re going to include mobile games, why not include more? I know there’s heaps of new mobile games coming out, maybe have another dedicated article to new mobile game of the week or something?

  • Also out this week:

    Dreamfall Chapters (PS4/XB1)
    Portal Knights (PS4/XB1)
    World to the West (PS4/XB1/PC)
    NieR: Automata – 3C3C1D119440927 DLC (PS4/PC)
    Nioh: Dragon of the North DLC (PS4)
    Tumbleseed (Switch/PC)

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