Watch Kotaku Take On Gizmodo At A Sherlock-Themed Escape Room

Watch Kotaku Take On Gizmodo At A Sherlock-Themed Escape Room

To celebrate the International Exhibition of Sherlock Holmes — starting June 3 at the Powerhouse Museum — Gizmodo (Team Sherlock) is taking on our temporary arch-nemeses from Kotaku (Team Moriarty) in a very special Sherlock-themed escape room challenge. Watch live to see who’s smarter, who’s more cunning and who reigns supreme in a battle of wits.

All of the action went down on our 3PM today on our Facebook page , but we’ve embedded a Facebook Live video stream right here too.

Team Kotaku (Moriarty)

Team Gizmodo (Sherlock)

The International Exhibition Of Sherlock Holmes Is Coming To Sydney

Calling all detectives, gamers and puzzle buffs. Starting June 3, this is far more than just an exhibition. Thanks to the Powerhouse Museum, Sherlock fans will be able to take part in Sydney's largest interactive mystery. Plus, immerse yourself in the costumes, set props, behind the scenes equipment from BBC's <em>Sherlock</em>, the US version of <em>Elementary</em> and the recent <em>Sherlock Holmes</em> movie starring Robert Downey Jr. This is the most definitive Sherlock exhibition ever conceived.

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The exhibition kicks off on June 3 and runs till October 8. Head to the Powerhouse Museum website for more. Or jump onto Facebook, Twitter or Instagram for more info on the International Exhibition of Sherlock Holmes.


  • At least the Gizmodo team vaguely look the part. The Kotaku gang look like fetishists on a very tight budget.

  • Ever consider a paid service that allows people to avoid this stuff being at the top of the news feed every day?

    • I do have to agree with @railx on this front.

      Partner content is fine, but the effectiveness of it wears off when it is on the front page for weeks on end. Would love to see what other content you guys can come up with as this one was interesting to watch.

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