Watch People Break Classic RPGs

Watch People Break Classic RPGs
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Last week in Utah, a group called RPG Limit Break got together to break a bunch of role-playing games, raising $US111,000 ($148,050) in the process.

RPG Limit Break, an annual RPG speedrunning marathon that raises money for mental health, is full of entertaining runs of classic games. You can find them all here, or watch a few of my favourites below:

A classic Earthbound race:

Baldur’s Gate 2 (run in 30 minutes thanks to all sorts of game-breaking glitches):

Final Fantasy Mystic Quest, a game that’s way grindier than I remember:

And a co-op run of Secret of Mana, which is always a blast to watch:

You can find more runs over on the RPG Limit Break YouTube channel.


  • A bit of an explanation as to how they ‘break’ these games would not have gone astray, Jason…

  • Might have been nice to actually write a little about the channel seeing as it’s not just a marathon…

    Been watching the channel for a few years now and enjoying it. Outside of the marathon they regularly hold races and mini-marathons of RPG series. (eg. Star Ocean, Tales Of etc.) One of the other big events they have is the Final Fantasy Relay which is a race between three teams to complete all main non-MMO Final Fantasy games plus a few of the extra in betweeners. (eg. FFT, Dirge of Cerberus, After Years, etc.) Definitely a channel to favourite if you are a JRPG fan.

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