Watch Someone Speedrun Portal Without Using Any Portals

Watch Someone Speedrun Portal Without Using Any Portals
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Speedrunner 097AceOfSpades beat Portal in 52 minutes using no portals and a lot of airboat cheats.

Usually, Portal takes about three hours to complete. And, as the title implies, you complete it by using portals to solve the game’s tricky puzzle-based campaign mode.

097AceOfSpades relies on one main hack to get through the game sans portals: Spawning airboats. They’re assets from Valve’s Half Life 2. Because Portal was made with the same engine, 097AceOfSpades says, he’s able to spawn them in Portal to help get around puzzles. That way, he can climb on top of the structures to reach platforms or, by spawning airboats midway through walls, he can use them to clip through locked rooms:

Sometimes he’ll spawn a few dozen airboats that launch him onto higher platforms like so:

The fastest Portal speedrun with portals is about eight minutes.

(via Reddit)


  • Maybe it’s just me but using console commands (essentially hacks) to spawn in items for a speedrun doesn’t really seem impressive to me. About as impressive as a no-clip speedrun.

    • That’s the problem with any% runs, literally anything goes as long as it’s not external to the game. Unrestricted any% is the most boring speedrun category thanks to cheats and glitch abuse but for some reason it keeps getting reported on here.

      • Nah a speedrun that uses ingame glitches or ingame exploits is one thing. This is outright cheating.

        • Glitches and in-game cheats are no different. The justification for glitches is “the game is law, if it can be done in the game it’s allowed”, which also applies to in-game cheats. SRL for example allows cheats as long as it’s mentioned in the goal. Only external cheats (Gameshark, trainers, etc) are disallowed.

  • If they’re going to use console commands, they could probably complete the game even faster by warping to the final level. That would use far less air boats.

  • Meh… Rename title to “guys cheats his way to end of portal really quickily”

    What, not as catchy?

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