Rewatch The Destiny 2 Reveal Here

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If you're keen to see what Bungie has in store for Destiny 2 - as well as what Destiny might look like on PC - then you can watch here.

The big story hook with Destiny 2 is how Earth's last safe haven has fallen, so I'd expect a lengthy cinematic to kick off the livestream. For reference, it all kicks off at 3:00 AM AEST Friday (which translates to 2:30 AM for those in Adelaide and Darwin, 1:00 AM in Perth, and 5:00 AM for our Kiwi friends).

The livestream has ended, but you can rewatch it with all of the presentations, info and overview for the game below:

What would you like to see from Destiny 2? And for those who missed out the first time around because you play on PC, what are you expecting Bungie to bring to the table?


    What I would like to see in destiny 2 is an open world

      I'd like to see Destiny become much more like Overwatch........oh wait.

    The proof will be in the punch for me, not its packaging.

    There is a ton of potential for the franchise and this will be important to solidifying that.

    Fingers crossed

    I'd love to see the classes have much more diversity. They were all pretty much exactly the same with a few small ability variances.

    I may be on my own here, but I'd also love a class that has some sort of healing ability. I've always loved being more of a support/heal role, rather than all out dps.

    And please, please, please, give us a great story line that is easy to follow. I'm not one for wading through grimoires to work out what the hell is going on. (Wait, didn't i just kill Crota once and for all? Why is he now the end boss in this raid?)

    I'd also love to explore more of earth, I hope that they give us a heap of new areas per planet.

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        Fuck that I loved Grimoire cards. That is until 20 minutes into the game and I found out I had to go to a fucking website to view them.......

        I don't mind the cards but they should be in a book in game so we do not have to go outside of the game to research the story lines. I do not wan the story spoon fed to us. The lore is one of the good features they need to build on without feeding the story to us like we are idiots.

    Fix the dumb NetCode ffs bungie

    I play titanfall 2 on the American server with 250 ping and it still play smoother than destiny local!!!
    Don't expect 90 bucks from me if they ship off Destiny 2 the same way they butchered Destiny 1.

    dedicated servers, i would come back to raiding if i knew i wouldnt get kicked.
    optional matchmaking for all things, missions to raids
    more end game content including single player stuff like dungeons
    horde mode which scales depending on how many in the fireteam and i mean a proper horde mode with just shit tins of enemies and no objectives but kill things, getting harder and harder till there is a dozen rocket mcdickfaces
    towns/outposts/npcs/larger patrol areas
    seperate sandbox or weapons for pve/pvp
    a cover system
    Factions that mean something, with real rewards for loyalty and big penalties for betrayal/ treason
    classes that are all significantly different

      I'm all for dedicated servers, but we a nasty habit of never supporting them here.

    Early hours of Saturday morning? I thought the keynote was at 10am American time on 18th May... Which makes it late Wednesday night in Australia; i.e. around midnight tonight in the eastern states?

      Oh sheez; of course I'm wrong, I think it is actually late Thursday night/early Friday morning. Not Wednesday night :).

      It's May 17 now; reveal will be 18 May US time, making it the morning of May 19 locally.

    Destiny? What's that?

    @os42 have you heard of this?

      Will definitely be getting up early to watch the reveal. I mean, not 3am early - I'll catch a VoD before work. I'm cautiously optimistic, given how much Activision is pushing merchandise for D2 - barring a Producers-scale bait'n'switch, that's a lot of commercial partners for a flop.

      ...Cue Bungie and Activision heads singing "Where did we go right?" (Oh we knew we couldn't lose... half the audience were dudes!)

        Muahahah! Loving the Producers reference.

        3am is not "getting up early", it's "staying up late". ;) But yeah, I think I can wait 'til I drag myself out of the Pit of Warm...


    Balance updates to be more often than one a quarter. For weapon and ability statistics to seperately modified so that shit like early bubble bros being absolutely screwed doesn't become the norm.

    Can you spell "adventure"?

      Raids/story to be balanced differently from Crucible would help a lot in that regard.

    Also, do not release a DLC that is the same price ($70AUD) as the original game itself. I stopped playing at that point.

      pretty much guaranteed there will be an expansion around release price half way through d2s life

      Last time that DLC pretty much brought with it a whole new and improved game. I'll gladly pay that again.

      People pay-out the original vanilla Destiny like it wasn't value for money, but if you played more than seven hours, you're already getting better value than COD.

    • Private Matches/Matchmaking/choice with dedicated servers

    • In game Grimoire, as in the bloody story is in the game!

    • Separate weapon balancing for PvE and PvP

    • Forge Mode/Content Creator

    • I'll buy it on PC and want some sort of recognition that I was a D1 Beta player on PS!

    • No 3-of-coins for exotics! Bring back random rewards without the hardcore RNG.

    • I want my own room/space with a nice comfy bed and lounge area that friends can be invited to. This space can display my weapons, armor and rewards etc.

    I just want milk that tastes like real milk.

    I loved me some destiny for a good while but I'll be waiting a couple weeks after release at least for this one. I don't want to get hooked before I know it's mediocre this time!!!

    Hey, look. Warframe Clone 2......

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