What Are You Most Looking Forward To From E3 This Year?

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So 2017 has been a pretty big year already, and E3 is shaping up to be good fun as well. There's always plenty of fun stuff announced, but this year has some extra spice - Nintendo has to flesh out the library for the Switch, Microsoft will be unveiling more about Project Scorpio, and then there's the question of what happens to the PS4 Pro and PSVR.

Top of the list, at least intrigue wise, will be Microsoft's Project Scorpio, although not for the hardware as such. The expectation is that the console will be used as the showpiece for the Red Dead Redemption 2 gameplay reveal. That'll be one of the biggest games of the year, given how popular the last one was, and it'll be interesting to see what new mechanics Rockstar whip out for their latest Western.

Nintendo's Direct should have more about Mario Odyssey, which looks loads of fun. There should be some more info about their plans for esports too, and what on earth will be happening with their paid online service later this year.

I'll be keen to see what comes out of the EA Play event for the Battlefront sequel, particularly the campaign. There should be more announced about the Star Wars game that Visceral and Amy Henning are working on as well, which would be swell.

What are you looking most forward to from E3 this year?


    Seeing BRO reprezent.

      You BROs are so pathetic and childish with your comments about maternal relationships and sportsballs. The DUDEs are where it's at with our 720 noscopes and 420 blazings.

    The first half of this year has been so hectic that I don't even know what's meant to be coming out later this year. Destiny 2, RDR2, that neat-looking zombie/biker game whose name escapes me... But, honestly, I'm probably most looking forward to seeing what new announcements there will be.

    Off the top of my head:

    Half-Life 3
    Halo 6
    Tomb Raider part 3
    Battlefront sequel
    Death Stranding
    Detroit: Become Human
    New unannounced IP
    PS5? lol

      I wouldn't expect anything official about PS5, but at the same time I wouldn't be surprised if a few unofficial rumours just happened to leak out around the time of the Scorpio presentation.

    Splatoon 2 Exhibition tournament!!! Also keen to see more details on Splatoon 2, Mario Odyssey and Xenoblade Chronicles 2

      Hopefully hear about Pikmin 4 that has been MIA for awhile. Retro should have something. Probably no Animal Crossing though (team busy with Splatoon). I'm expecting at least 2 reveals and probably a few more indies. Maybe some 3rd party reveals too?

    Nintendo Switch releases and AC: Egypt (Osiris?) details whatever its called.
    Closer to the date and after some announcements is when I'll start getting pumped.

    Also, hoping to see whether we find out anything about Retro's latest project. Feels like it's been forever.

    And I really hope it's F-Zero.

      I feel like Switch has all the racing games it needs already, what with Fast RMX and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe :/. As much as I'd like a new F-ZERO, it seems like that would be overkill on the Switches racing needs.

        Except Fast sucks and Mario Kart is a three year old port of an average game. I want something good.

          No, please, tell me how you really feel ;).

          Fair enough; I'm not a huge racing game man so MK8D will be enough for me. I loved it on Wii U and it'll continue to be my staple on Switch going forward. It will unfortunately cannibalise mainstream sales for other new racers for some time yet now.

            I'm just extremely grumpy and jaded now when it comes to the Switch :P

    Lots of things I'm very interested in which you have mentioned: Project Scorpio, RDR2, Battlefront 2.

    But I'm most intrigued about Visceral's Star Wars game. Hoping for a open world (multiple planets please) Uncharted style game. Not too fussed if main character is Han Solo or not, but that would be pretty darn awesome.

    Obviously I am hoping for some really exciting and fresh new IPs but in terms of existing game franchises I would love to see Evil Within 2 and a sequel to Wolfenstein New Order (both fairly realistic hopes).

    Some RDR2 would be welcome as well.

    Death Stranding
    The Evil Within 2 (hey I can dream)
    Something by FROM.

      If Armored Core makes a showing, you'll witness a 36 year old man collapse into a gibbering heap and possibly even soil himself. At least we know they're working on one, it's been confirmed.

    EVIL WITHIN 2. (Please?)

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    Will there be anything from AMD on Vega?

      Vega reveal should be very soon - it'll be before E3. Next couple of weeks, maybe a month? I've got a Ryzen 1800X build ready to pull the trigger on, just waiting to see if I'm going Vega or not. I saw some early bench figures the other day which put one of the 8GB Vega prototypes pretty much dead even with a 1070. But that doesn't tell me much. I need comprehensive benches and pricing before I can decide.

      Optimistic. If I can build my first purely AMD powered rig since I was a teenager, I'm going to be very happy.

    destiny 2
    Star Wars battlefront 2

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    Destiny 2 and the scorpio.

    I really want to see if games can be upscaled automatically to 4k or if there's some kind of optimisation patch devs would need to release for each game.

    Looking forward to seeing what controversy happens out of hours. What sexual fetish will Microsoft cater for this year? What excuse will developers use for not creating protagonists that aren't white males aged 30-40? Is this the year Shuhei Yoshida finally reveals himself as a lizard man and his plan to take over the world?

    Obvious answer is Scorpio, but actually more keen to see what Nintendo brings. E3 is their chance to just make everyone collectively shit their pants and buy a Switch outright if they do it correctly. Sony's also going to have to drop some bombs since the spotlight isn't on them in the slightest at this point. Everyone's Looking at Microsoft and Nintendo.

    Nothing, really. My backlog is so bad that the last thing I need right now is to find out about another heap of awesome games that I don't have time for.

    That said, I'll make an exception for anything to do with The Last Of Us 2.

    Evil Within 2.

    Also hoping From Software reveals their next game is going to be sparkling new Shadow Tower Abyss.

    God of war. Red dead redemption. Any cool VR games. Wishfuls are uhd 4k disc firmware update for ps4 pro and g27 support for ps4

      NAME CHANGE firmware update > UHD IMHO :P

        You'll get stability improvements and you'll like it!

    A huge list of switch games so i can talk my wife into letting me buy one.

    Destiny 2 campaign
    CoD WW2 Normandy demo
    Ace Combat release date

    and I want surprises... new IPs, reboots, reimaginings, and new games in existing series.

    Perfect Dark rebooted as a third person stealth action game
    A new Saints Row
    For Honour announcing they're doing a jousting DLC
    MechAssault or Crimson Skies coming back
    Vanquish getting a sequel
    Mass Effect DLC announcements
    Sony announcing they're going to let us change our PSN IDs
    ODST-2 getting announced

    Scorpio and RDR2. I'll watch all the presentations but thats what Im looking forward to the most.

    I'd also love L4D3 anything, if Valve would be so kind...

      You wont see L4D3 at E3.
      Valve don't do E3... outside of that bizarre Steam on PS3 thing a few years ago.

        I know, but a guy can dream.

          Bro fist. We'll see Phil Spencer on stage, arm-in-arm with GabeN to announce that Xbox Scorpio = Steam Box.

            Not quite what I had in mind, but whatever floats your boatskies.

    Is anyone as pumped as I am for Days Gone.

    I feel this game should be generating more buzz. Did I miss something?

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