What's The Best Birthday Cake?

Of course you could always have something gaming-themed, like a black forest Portal cake or those spectacular Krogan creations we've featured before.

But let's go a bit more general for this week's Off Topic. It's your birthday. You get a choice of cake. What you do choose?

Growing up my grandmother always used to make a bundt cake with lemon icing for me and my brother. I never did find the exact recipe, although I've found some cream cheese bundt cakes that I'd be rather keen on trying, just to see if it emulates the flavour. I've got the icing part down pretty well - icing sugar and lemon juice, which isn't hard to whisk up. But the champion was always that perfect filling, and if I could nail that I would have a very happy trip back to my childhood.

Beyond that, I always grew up with mudcakes and tea cakes being the dessert offering of choice around annual celebrations. Of late things have taken more of a caramel flavour, and then there's always the Messina option: a glorious gelato/ice cream creation, albeit a pricey one.

Let's pretend your birthday is today. What cake would you want?

As a small aside today is the birthday for Amanda, the glorious sub-editor for Kotaku, Gizmodo and Lifehacker. She works insane hours making sure there's stuff to read every morning across all three of the sites, and they wouldn't be what they are without her tireless efforts. Happy birthday, Amanda.


    New York baked cheese bake with an assortment of berries.

    Every. Damn. Time.

    The Black Forest cake our Oma used to whip up for sunday tea times. Family recipe brought over from Austria - instant satisfaction.

    Ice Cream Cake! no exceptions!

      The home brand ones you could (can?) get from the freezer section in Coles/Woolies? Nice!

        nah, we would get our done by our local Ice Creamery, so we got to choose our flavors

      My mate once took a sticky date pudding and cut it out to the shape of an icecream cake we had. Two great things together. Was a good day.

    Not strictly a cake, but Tiramisu for me (loaded with alcohol of course).

    For cake, I think maybe a white chocolate and raspberry cheesecake, or ricotta cheesecake.

    Chocolate Mud-cake. As dense as a black hole. Or Cheesecake, Cheesecakes are also very good

    I like quite simple cakes - lemon drizzle cake, blueberry cake, carrot cake.

    For quick and easy store bought I am partial to a chic choclate mud cake.
    Although the berry cheesecake mentioned above is good.
    A good sponge is wonderful and the last thing I did was a ginger cake that turned out ok

    Cheesecake is king, but I always had a soft spot for a simple sponge cake with a cream and jam layer in the middle.

    Frozen cheesecake all the way. Pro tip: Only slightly thaw for maximum texture.

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