What's The Best Fruit?

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Something truly amazing has happened in our office, something worthy of celebration. After a brief hiatus, the wonder that is fresh fruit has returned. But when you have access to all the fruit, what's the best one to choose?

I've had a strong affinity to berries, particularly mulberries. For whatever reason, they were in plentiful supply amongst my family when I grew up. They were quite tart, something I've always enjoyed. I also enjoyed eating lemons fresh as a kid, so that actually now makes a whole lot of sense.

Mandarins are the best snack: non-greasy, enjoyable in small bites, and doesn't go turd brown if it's left out of a fridge for more than an hour. Bananas aren't bad either, and as I've discovered from Rae at Gizmodo, also great for drawing on.

But what about yourselves? If you had a choice between any fruit, what would you go for?


    1. Seedless grapes
    2. Mandarins
    3. Green apples.

    Cherries, probably. Also grapefruit, but I can't eat that because of medicine interactions. Stupid grapefruit effect. :(

      Yeah, I think I've gotta back the cherry too

        Me three. Cherries are the best, whether fresh, preserved or in liqueur form.

    As a card-carrying member of the I Hate Healthy Food club, what should I try? I need chemicals damn it.

      Dried apples - the sulfur dioxide used to give me breathing difficulties when I was young :-)

    I absolutely love mandarins, granny Smith apples are also a favourite snack.

    As a bonus question, what're people's favourite apple varieties?

    My vote goes to the Sundowner - Similar to the pink Lady but crisper and a little less excessively sweet. Sadly difficult to find for most of the year.

      Fuji. It's the most balanced amount of sweetness and tartness, plus they tend to stay crisp on supermarket shelves for longer, so you don't get that horrible sensation where you take a bit and it's mealy or mushy just below the surface.

      Sundowner and Pink Lady are also nice, though I find that if they get a bit older they gain a really nasty smoky flavor sometimes. Gala can be good when fresh but have the mealy issue once they go a bit.

      I have been hearing ads on the radio for Kanzi apples lately. I curious to what they are like.
      But I will never actually try one, because the ad is so infuriatingly annoying

        The Kanzi is a Belgian variant of the New Zealand Jazz apple. Cross of the Braeburn and Royal Gala. Pretty similar, but Kanzi is harder.

      I really like Kanzi apples but they're really hard to find. Or I'm just not looking hard enough.

      Well the variety I'm most keen to try are the arctic apples but haven't actually seen them anywhere. A non browning apple sounds awesome
      I quite like pink lady which is my go to apple these days. Jazz apples are ok.
      Red delicious are the bottom of the pile.

    Lychees, Gooseberries, Nashi, Blood Oranges and black plums are generally the fruits I head for in the shop when they're in season.

    The best of stonefruits are better than the best of any other fruit. The issue is that quality drops off really quickly.
    Apples are the best for consistency and citrus can be pretty good there as long as it is in season.
    Berries are great but expensive so I rarely just get a punnet so I can eat them so don't really count them as fruit in this discussion.

    Lychee, raspberry, watermelon, mango...

    Kiwi, blueberry, honeydew, nectarine, peach...

    There are too many to choose!

    I'm hopeless when my wife asks me to get 'fruit' as I always come back with a bit of everything and then overeat to finish it before it goes off.

      Overeating all the delicious ripe fruit is a feature, not a bug.

    I can't eat mulberries anymore. We had a tree in the yard as a kid (actually there were several trees in the neighbourhood as a kid - all gone now) and I used to eat them until I bit into one and got half big squirming worm. Now just the thought of them... ugh.

    I love honeydew and rockmelon and kiwi fruit, given the choice of anything they'd be first picks. I don't mind pomelo either, like the biggest orange/grapefruit ever (much milder tang wise).

      Upvote for honeydew. Never gets enough love.

      Pomelo is tops! I hardly ever get to have it, but leisurely snacking on a big ol' segment of pomelo is a terribly underrated experience.

      I can't choose a single favourite fruit. Fruit is just wonderful. I tend to gravitate towards all sorts of berries when they're available, because they're usually out of my day-to-day price range. Custard apple is another luxury that doesn't get a lot of love. Fat, juicy stone fruit, too - blood plums, nectarines, peaches, all that good stuff.

      Man, I'm hungry.

        Oh man we used to have custard apple so much when we were kids. And probably haven't even seen one since, let alone had one.

        I've got a custard apple tree in the yard and every year it sets at least a few fruit. Last couple years there have been a couple almost football sized. Sadly the possums have beaten me to them every damn time :(

    Passionfruit, pineapple, pink lady.

    The three Ps of life. No room for fourth - kidneys dying, call for help!

    Nobody's said watermelon yet? Utter madness.

      Watermelon, watermelon
      I love, you love watermelon
      Great big bite, catch all the drips
      Spit out the pips, lick your lips

    What's true madness is that no one has said the master fruit yet: MANGO

      I know, right? All other fruit pales in comparison!

        Often known as "The King of Fruit" although Durian is also known as such.

      Is that the stuff they add to delicious orange juice to make it taste horrible?

        No, it's the stuff they add to horrible orange juice to make it delicious.

    Persimmons are great and hardly anyone eats them. They're like a mix between an apple and an apricot, with the crispness of an apple and flavour of a stone fruit.
    And they taste great dried too.

    Durian not getting enough love.

    Also dragon fruit, nashi pears and star fruit.

      The biggest problem with durian is that it attracts orangutans. This can be inconvenient.

        Unless you really want to capture one.

        I f*cking LOVE durian. Starfruit is boss as well. A few years ago in Vietnam there was a starfruit tree growing wild in a vacant lot where I was staying and I raided that sucker.

    Seedless grapes.
    Satsumas (tangerine/mandarin...)
    Apples (granny smith!)

    Actually, I pretty much love fruit except apricots 'cause they're furry (in a way peaches are not... peaches are great) and pears (gritty. Why are they so gritty?)

    I work in fruit and veg at a supermarket part time.
    I rarely eat fresh fruit now.
    I'm the kind of asshole that spends 5 minutes inspecting fresh produce before buying/ eating it.
    I've seen things. Unspeakable, rotten, putrid sticky, squishy, damp, foul, mouldy, brown, black, blue, white things.

    Can't beat mangoes.

    But I also do love me some, rockmelon, honey dew, queen gala plums (shame they're never cheap when they're available for all of 2 weeks), spanish rockmelon, feijoas, peaches & seedless grapes.

    Coconut, avocado, pineapple, cherry, watermelon, durian, starfruit, mamey, Granny Smith apple (not those bullshit red ones)... man fruit is the SHIT.


      My wife thinks I'm eating cooking apples... No, they're BOTH cooking and eating... :D

      Granny Smiths are tart and crunchy and nommy. Most red apples are floury and blech (although I can handle a Pink Lady at a push.)

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