What's The Best Snack?

Image: Jin & Jase/Final Fantasy 15

My recent trip to Japan involved a lot of hiking and walking around on foot, which prompted plenty of trips to convenience stores to stock up on snacks. And so it got me thinking: what's the best snack food of all time?

Something that I really wish you could get back in Australia is those crunchy sesame seaweed bites, at least not easily. Apart from being a super low calorie snack, they're dry, which makes for good finger food when gaming. They're also a little salty, which is always nice.

For something with a little more protein, especially if you're out walking, little egg onigiris are fantastic. A small chunk of carbs and protein:

On the sweet side of things, I find it hard to go past a tiny Milky Way. It's just the right amount of chocolate without being excessively indulgent. For something more savoury, I can't resist beef jerky. It's chewy, can be spicy as all buggery, and fills you up nicely.

What's the best snack in your eyes?


    Grapes, Trail mix or cashews.
    Or if it's at one of our LAN's mostly cans of Jack - Food takes a backseat to liquid in these instances. Drunk Nidhogg tourneys are the best

    I don't think we can have this discussion because someone is going to mention Shapes, and then someone else will have a wrong opinion about the best flavor and it'll just go downhill because the best flavor is Chicken Crimpy and everyone knows it deep down.

      I'm calling bullshit. The best flavour is ...

      pizza. Get out of here with your chicken crimpy rubbish.


    Clearly the greatest snack is the shattered souls of your broken opponents made into a cheesy dip and served with corn chips (nacho cheese).

    I went through a phase in the 80's when twinkies were easily available, and they had a lot going for them. Those little sugar laden blobs of cake, or donut, or whatever it was made for some damn fine snacking.

    Never took off here, but I could see why the seppos loved em so much.

      Was this a phase when you lived in America, or just had some sort of portal that allowed you access to American snacks..?

      Or were Twinkies once readily available here?!??

        No, always lived here. They were on the shelf of Woolies at least into the 90's, maybe longer. Moved to Sydney and just stopped eating them when the local supermarket wasnt stocking em.

        We had a long chain of exchange students from the US, so knew about them pretty early on. Good news is that we corrupted them as well. There have been plenty of care packages sent over there with tim tams, musk sticks, etc in them.

    A friend has been making cobs a lot lately and they're amazing.

    Jerky is good, Im a fan of banana chips and pistachio nuts too. Nachos too. Anything where cheese is involved will be a winner.

    Being in South Australia, Farmer's Union Iced Coffee is usually in copious supply too.

    Chili Kettle chips or pork scratchings probs.

    Speaking of Japan though I just got back from a few weeks there and I'm really missing those green pastries from Family Mart with the rockmelon filling. Fuck those are good.

    Cookies. That explosive mix of sugar and carbs can really punch back hunger for a good a while while filling you with feel-good endorphins.

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