What's Your Favourite Sci-Fi Horror Game?

I've been thinking a bit about System Shock this week, with all of the chatter around Prey and its treatment of the Looking Glass legacy. And that got me wondering: what is people's favourite sci-fi take on the horror genre?

Something that I didn't fully appreciate at first, but came to late in life thanks to LANs, was the F.E.A.R series. I was introduced to F.E.A.R. through the multiplayer first, and didn't engage with the campaign until many, many years later. I'm not typically a horror fan, although whenever sci-fi gets involved I tend to perk up a bit.

It'd be remiss to mention sci-fi horror and not give a nod to Vampire: The Masquerades as well, something I really should replay sometime. Another little horror game that deserves more love than it got was the point-and-click adventure I Have No Mouth, And I Must Scream, which was based on the original Harlan Ellison novel. (He even did the voice-over for HAL, and got heavily involved in the project from memory).

Dead Space is an obvious mention, although I was never the biggest fan of it - it always felt like an inferior System Shock to me. And this might be stretching it a little, but the 90's Aliens vs Predator shooter has some fantastic moments, especially when you were hiding in the shadows in multiplayer.

So tell us: what's your favourite sci-fi horror game?


    Alien vs predator scared the shit out of me on the Atari Jaguar. Really the first time I ever screamed out loud during a game.
    Captain blood on the ST was pretty great too.

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