Why This Zarya Mouse Pad Is Awesome

Those nice, soft bumpy mousepads are usually used to represent a massive set of jugs (or occasionally a nice pert set of man buns).

But this mousepad is different.

You know the kind of mousepad I'm talking about, right? The ones with gel inserts. The ones we're supposed to gently pinch creepily. They're a bit weird truth be told.

This Zarya one is awesome though. Instead of boobs or butts, the gel inserts are used to represent Zarya's MASSIVE GUN SHOW.


This makes no sense, because Zarya's guns are not soft. Most certainly they are ROCK SOLID.

You can buy this mousepad over at Etsy or head to the creator's Tumblr here.


    I'm all about gel insert mousepads, I hate using anything but.

    But usually the, ahem, valley between, is made by my wrist over time, are these ones more comfortable?

    I acknowledge I'm treating this topic with more seriousness than I should.

    Go the bulge.

    That's actually a cleaver and tasteful use of that shaped mouse pad.

    Don't see myself using them though as, well, the "gel" is too "generous" even on the non-themed ones.

    My friend showed me this the other day and she intends to buy one; needless to say I intend to in turn draw nipples on it.

    PS Well done on the IT Journalism award win and highly commended one as well, Mark :)

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