Win! 10x Double Passes To See John Wick: Chapter 2

Win! 10x Double Passes To See John Wick: Chapter 2
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The sequel to the incredibly awesome, no-holds-barred action-fest John Wick is out in cinemas tomorrow. And we’re giving you the chance to win one of 10 double passes to go see it. Want to watch John Wick: Chapter 2 with a mate for free? Here’s how.

We’ve already been lucky enough to see it, and we can tell you that John Wick: Chapter 2 is every bit as slick and action-packed as the original. You won’t be disappointed. We don’t want to spoil it for you, but just know this: it’s good. It’s very good.

This competition is now closed, thanks for entering! We’ll contact winners and share winning entries tomorrow.

To enter for your chance to win, all you have to do is:
In 100 words or less, make a basic plot for a video game starring John Wick.

Here’s what you could win: each of our 10 lucky winners will score themselves an in-season double pass worth $42 to see John Wick: Chapter 2 when it’s out in Australian cinemas.

Make sure you enter your correct email address when you’re leaving a comment, so we can get in touch with you if you win. Our competition commences at 1:01PM AEDT on the 17th of May 2017 and closes at 1:01PM AEDT on 19th of May 2017, and we’ll contact winners directly to organise delivery of their prizes. You can find full T&Cs here.


  • Hotel Continental simulator.

    You play the concierge of the Hotel Continental. You must meet the needs of your… Particular clientele while maintaining a successful hotel business. Eventually John Wick turns up and flat kills a dude in one of your rooms, adding a high level hide-a-body challenge to the simulation.

    • I hope you win tickets, because I’d play the shit out of Hotel Continental Simulator.

  • Mario style game where a high level mob boss, lets call him Bow Sar, steals your dog. You have to obliterate all henchmen in a building every time a stooge tells you “Sorry Mr Wick, your dog is in another safe house.”

  • John Wick awakens in the Hotel Continental battered and bruised, a gun in his hand and a dead assassin lay next to him. A knock on the door and the staff enter. John had to escape and start finding out who framed him and why – all while evading the wrath of the Hotel.

    Email [email protected]

  • John Wick wakes in a white room, and screen flickers to life in front of him, telling him he is now required to kill a series of targets across Europe within a certain time frame, or his life is forfeit. Feels a buzzing under his skin on the back of his head, letting him know of the bomb planted within. Every mission has a set timer, and a horde of goons between you in the target, forcing you to create a plan before each one, and then executing your strategy, before you get executed yourself.
    [email protected]

  • John Wick dies and his dog from the first movie comes back from the dead to avenge his death.

  • Scared Wickless

    The new Capcom/Rockstar third person shooter/puzzle action crossover, as you, John Wick, venture into a haunted mansion, with full armament and bullet time ability. Take down T-Virus ridden zombies, monsters and dog killing russian mobsters! Be frightened by angry beasties, Game of Thrones second and third tier castmembers and actors whose faces you know but *just* can’t name… blow away monsters by the buttload, solve locked door puzzles, or just blow the f***ing door handles off and open them like sane people would. Scared Wickless, out soon, bought by not many… praised by everyone, allegedly played by all!
    [email protected]

  • John Wick awakens in his stylish, minimalist home to discover that Russian Bandits have stolen his beloved Super Nintendo, bequeathed to him by his dearly departed sister with whom he had fond memories of playing 16 bit classics. Left with no choice, John embarks on a brutal and efficient killing spree in which players are able to strangle goons with controller cables, bludgeon faces with a mace-style AC power-pack move, and a curb stomp finisher which begins by wedging game cartridges into enemies mouths.

  • John Wick opens a lost dogs home. A group of international dog smugglers break in and seize all the dogs and hold them at different locations around the city. John Wick must go on a pew pew rampage across town until each and every dog is bought back to safety.
    [email protected]

  • John Wick is invited to a christmas party as a plus one by a young woman who works in the building. As the party proceeds John Wick takes a tour of the Roof to get fresh air when terrorists take the party hostage. John Wick must proceed to eliminate the terrorists occupying the building and rescue the hostages. He must also foil their plan to collapse the building on the hospital next door in a plan to kill the vice president.

  • John Wick’s Puppy Rescue Playhouse.

    Join John and thousands of mistreated pets finally find a home and at the same time seek vengeance. John and his companions will hunt whomever mistreated them with a large action packed arsenal and on their downtime, feed, grow and play with your rescued puppies!


  • The blindingly obvious one – John Wick’s Impossible Task, where he eliminates any and all competition to Viggo in that single blood drenched evening, played like a mashup of Hitman and Max Payne.

    [email protected]

  • John joins the cast of Mortal Kombat (through paid DLC). This gun wielding, dog loving, retired hitman specialises in long range combat with abilities such as Headshot and Kneecap. But he can hold is own in hand to hand combat too with abilities Smack In Face, Gunbutt and Punchy, Punchy… If style is your thing then you’ll love his fatality move ‘Better than Bourne Super Sniper Shot’, let just say it raises the benchmark for brutality…

  • Cooking WICK, lets cook!

    Wick has come to the conclusion that his best chances to get over his wife and stop people from killing his dog is to keep his hands busy. In this case it means cooking a tonne of fantastic meals that people of all ages can enjoy.

    100% original idea, no gangsters were killed during the making of this idea.

  • Set during John’s time as an on call hitman, you play an assassin who has angered the Russian mob. The game revolves around you finding ways to repay the mob while fleeing/exterminating the assassins coming after your bounty. As you escape/kill your pursuers the bounty increases which attracts more skilled assassins until John Wick is called to take you down at which point there is no escape and no survival.

    [email protected]

  • A nine player multiplayer game. Eight players will take the role of their own specific thug, each having their own strengths, weaknesses, starting weapons etc. These goons must work together to take on a lone player, someone who is in the blood stained shoes of “Baba Yaga”, AKA John Wick.

    John Wick moves quickly and quietly, capable of easily eliminating each goon one by one with his deadly efficient combat skills. The only way the goons stand a chance, is if they fight him together.

    Match types can include elimination/assassination, protection, theft (capture the flag) etc.

    [email protected]

  • John Wick would make a good survival horror game. While organising to buy a second hand car, the seller collapses unconscious (probably due to his drinking problems). The next day he calls your friend, screaming incoherently about a dog or something.

    One by one, your friends and the staff at your family’s completely legitimate business turn up dead, with reports of a lone gunman who seemingly can not be killed by conventional means. Your job is to stay alive long enough to discover the mystery of the dog, and try and resolve the misunderstanding before anyone else needlessly gets killed.

  • As per the plot of the first film, prior to his retirement, John was given an impossible task. Your role in the game is to complete this task, infiltrating and eliminating all the members and heads of the rival gangs. Part Splinter Cell-like infiltration, part open world like GTA, your goal is their elimination. The method and manner of which are your choice. The use of the gold coins would allow for upgrades, bribes, access to new routes etc, and completing ‘favours’ for others (side quests) would provide these coins to use as you see fit. Have fun… ?

  • Dog Wick.

    Wick and his dog versus hired goons.

    Hired goons must kill John Wick’s dog. John Wick must prevent this from happening. Style points are awarded to Wick for sick kills, so you can unlock loot boxes, which are all the rage.

    The dog has a speed and size advantage but incessantly pants.

    Goons have low health and are knocked out of the round once killed.

    If the goons kill the dog, John Wick becomes OP, like the movie, and has one minute to win the game if he can wipe out the goons.

    [email protected]

  • John Vick VR – impressive visuals make this highly linear hour long shooting gallery tolerable.

    Something to show your mates then quickly forget about.

  • It’s like Unreal tournament. A bunch of guys are trying to kill each other. You get to be one of them.

  • John Wick: Reckoning

    A survival horror thriller, featuring John Wick decades after the events of the first movie. His old age and encroaching senility paves the way for the demons of his past to catch up to him. Now seeking therapy, players must guide an older John Wick through his mental journey in his scrambled and horrifyingly perceived reality to overcome his past, and retire peacefully. When the deadliest assassin meets the shadows of his past that can’t be killed with guns and melee alone, what else can he do?

    [email protected]

  • Generic eastern European crime figures dogknap John’s dog, he must deliver Liam Neeson’s daughter to get it back safe. Most of continental Europe is destroyed.

  • I watched JW1 on Stan just this week. Fun movie, looking forward to the sequel.
    John Wick is invited to a friend’s island to help them out as an evil pig wizard had taken over. He, his friend and 6 other friends need to race in cars, hovercraft and planes and collect silver coins. There are dinosaurs and volcanoes and medieval places and later on they go to space for some reason. Also there’s a Indian elephant genie.

  • Well considering its coming out on DVD/itunes/amazon on monday I’ll just be grabbing the torrent.

  • John Wick Dating Simulator

    Having embarked on a rampage of revenge in the film and reached a form of catharsis over the grief of losing his wife, Wick re-enters the dating scene. Will John end up with the classy Erica, or the homespun but awkward Becky? And what comedic hijinks will ensue when they find out he has a truckload of guns in the basement?

    Minigames include dog-walking, verbal challenge dating and brutally murdering EVERYONE in a nightclub while still being an attentive date

  • heads up to the competition organisers, item 12 of the terms and conditions is incomplete… might void the competition so if you have some left over tickets, send them my way..

  • Super Bullet Wiick 2000
    A Wii game where you use the Wiimotes to control the bullets. Bonus level includes a “modernised re-imagination” of the JFK assassination where you try and recreate the Magic Bullet.

  • My idea of a John Wick game – a third person ultra-violent action RPG, similar to Max Payne. The story is a pre-quel about John Wick’s early days as an assassin. Each level is a different hit like the Hitman games but more action focused on shooting and melee combat. The levels are mainly full of goons that need to be taken out with no witnesses like Hotline Miami. It’s really a game about showing how the legend of John Wick goes from novice assassin to the legendary “boogieman”.

  • John Wick vs Liam Neeson prequel. thats the plot right there.

    we have two skilled trained combatents, John is tasked with the job to kidnap Neeson cat, Neeson loses his cat but is determined to find the culprit and take him out.

  • John Wick’s Summer Car
    John’s car’s been stolen (again) by a gang of punk mobsters! John is going to seek out his revenge, but first, he needs a car! Build a car from scratch over an entire summer, paying careful attention to your ‘Grief’ meter as John mourns the death of his wife & new dog, before taking to the streets in your new muscle car to exact some revenge!

  • John Wicks Lovely Dog Petting Simulator.

    Mr. Wick spending quality time with dog before “it” happens. Like nintendogs. Wash your dog, take him for a walk to wife’s grave, teach him tricks etc. Do badly and a bunch of Russians turn up and kill him.

  • So the tickets will work with any cinema?

    John Wick is back in the game. Taking on contracts and being the perfect assassin, hitman, whatever the hell he is. But on one mission he finds his target dead and all evidence points towards an assassination. While leaving he sees someone leaving the scene, wearing a black business suit and read tie. Yes, it is indeed Agent 47 from the Hitman series. For the first time a crossover that could actually make be a decent Hitman movie. An assassin for hire versus a company hitman.

    John Wick 47. Its a race for the kill.

  • John Wick – A story-driven action game:

    When a top secret group of high government officials learn of the renowned John Wick and his incredible feats, they offer him full-time employment to perform highly classified political contracts around the world. John, now in retirement, refuses their offer. Having disclosed top secret information to John and disheartened by his response, they now consider John a threat. With a job position still open, they place a contract out to the world’s top 3 equally trained assassins to kill John, offering the assassin who is successful full-time employment as well as a generous sum… Baba Yaga is now the mark.

    [email protected]

  • John Wick: Lego Assassin

    Standing over the Lego brick tombstone of his pet dog, Lego John Wick is licking a strawberry flavoured ice-cream. Suddenly a group of assorted Lego characters rush through, dancing to the bombastic musical number “Everything is Awesome!”, inadvertently bumping Lego John Wick, causing his ice-cream to fall to the ground. Everything is not awesome.

    You play as Lego John Wick, and it’s time to avenge your fallen treat.

    Collect Lego Hotel coins. Unlock Lego tools of assassination. Track down all the Lego people from the menacing musical interlude, until you fight your way to Emmet Brickowski.

  • Hey Devs,
    I really hope your next patch fixes some serious issues with the new hero. John Wick is so OP either it is a massive error or you just want to give him crazy exposure after his big hyped reveal. His AOE attack is huge, His kneecap ability makes it impossible to escape from him and his ultimate is a guaranteed hero kill. All this ontop of one of the highest dmg basic attacks. He is the only carry worth playing and a necessary pick for any team. Please balance him ASAP!

    Thanks xxLaneGOD37xx

  • You play as an aging necromancer tasked with creating a new body for your god, the immortal Kee Ahn Yu. But your latest corpse delivery was bungled and you received a batch of candle making supplies instead. Fearing what your god might do you if you fail, you attempt to create the body with what you have. You will create John Wick

    forgot my email: [email protected]

  • “Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne” + John Wick

    = “John Wick 2: Get Wickity Wickd”

  • Simple, make him a special character in Splatoon. Think about it, he’s spent many a times painting buildings/rooms red. He would be the perfect addition to Nintendo’s third person shooter. It would suck to have him any other team then red though.

    Actually, just sell his character to Nintendo then we could get John Wick as a DLC character in Super Smash Brothers and Maro Kart.

  • John Wick, the young prince of New York with excellent hair and fashion sense, is betrothed to Helen, a kind and gentle lady with no memorable personality. His life takes a turn when New York is invaded by neighbouring enemy gangsters with unfortunate Russian accents. Helen dies.

    John is now a prince without his land, with his puppy Daisy and his vintage 1969 Ford Mustang Mach 1 as the only reminder of his tradition. He sets off on an epic road trip. Theme Music by Florence and the Machine and the ending will divide people with a somewhat unsatisfying conclusion.

  • Ok, so John Wick and his new dog need a little time out. He’s taken a woodworking class and spends way too much time watching pottery videos on YouTube and now he needs to switch off and go off-grid. Just a chance to get away from it all – spend some time alone to quietly reflect on the choices he’s made and where he wants his life to be. Perhaps he’ll write a book. Maybe he can contribute to society and make a difference somehow. Whatever he does, he just needs to be away from people for a good long while.

    John answers the ad calling for people to spend a summer as a fire spotter in Shoshone National Forest. And so we have Firewatch – Chapter 2. John Wick replaces Henry after the dramatic ending to the first Firewatch game and is joined by his new dog and Delilah on the radio. Things start out a little icy between John and Delilah – will she be able to bring him out of his shell (he just wants to be left in peace to watch the sunset) or will the story take a very different turn?
    You, the player, decide in Firewatch – Chapter 2.

  • John Wick wakes up drugged and tied to a chair…a gun in his lap. In front of him in a opposite chair sits Liam Nelson…”Mr Wick, you can either chose to shot me with that gun or listen to what I have to say. You have particular skills I require, in return I can tell you everything”. Stands up and plays tape…whispers in John’s ear….”You’re wife isn’t dead”.

    Max Payne, mixed with taken’s light touches of death…legendary!

  • John Wick: The Retirement

    The game focuses on the period of time between John leaving the business and his wife’s tragic death. This is a relaxed, quiet game that players can take at their own pace. Think Animal Crossing meets Point and Click adventures. You have people to talk to and errands to run, explore your lavish house or go for a stroll on the beach with your wife. Get to know your neighbours. Take up gardening. You can do whatever you want to do in your retirement.

    You have no deadlines. You have no pressure. You have no stress. You just have your wonderful life. You’ve earned it, John Wick.

    [email protected]

  • 3rd person action game: kill streaks earning ‘style’ kills and slow mo perks. Game starts in a Russian Boarding school where a young, orphaned JW is taught the ways of assignation. Next level has a 19yr old JW fighting the Soviet-Afghan conflict in 1989, moving onto his defection after the conflict and going o the US, unlocking levels where JW works for various organised crime mobs, playing them off against each other in a ‘yojimbo’ fashion, leaving 1 faction left standing which in turn becomes the Hotel Continental. Weapons and perks change with each themed level, speed runs encouraged!
    [email protected]

  • Literally just a reskinned Splinter Cell Conviction gameplay-wise. But make it that the faster you move the more of a shield you build up promoting the chaotic nature of close quarters combat. No story just arcade mode on random constructed maps and slaughter slaughter slaughter

  • It is a puzzle adventure game, experienced in the first-person view. The player, explores an island with numerous structures and natural formations. The island is roughly divided into eleven sections, arranged around a mountain that represents the ultimate goal for the player.

    Except instead of solving puzzles, you just have to kill people.

    I call it The Wickness

  • John Wick takes his dog for a walk to the cafe- but gangsters keep getting in the way! Help John and his dog get to the cafe by taking out gansters with anything you can find on the street.

    A fun and bloody side perpetual side-scroller in the classic style of Double Dragon.

  • Wick and Morty

    Rick and Morty return to the purge planet, but Rick gets captured by an evil gang of purgers angered by his interference in past events. Morty steals the portal gun and travels to Earth to enlist the help of John Wick, who agrees to help murder everyone and free Rick in exchange for rescuing his murdered dog via time-travel shenanigans.

  • John Wick vs Capcom. It’s the full lineup of Capcom’s universe… vs John Wick. And his new dog.

  • Wickity Wah!

    A kinect based fighter where you play as John Wick or his slick sidekick Pickles the ghost puppy.

    Fight through wave after wave of baddies and cats as you try to reach the famed Hotel Continental where all you want to do is unwind and have a nap and a saucer of puppy chow.

    As well as button mashing, you rap in real time, the kinect giving you boosts for rhyming dexterity and vocal skills.

    [email protected]

  • You’re playing as John Wick and you are pooled back into the Assassin job. You are hired by a company to do missions and to assassinate the big bosses from the most dangerous companies in the world, but you find out that the company you work for is evil and they hired you to kill important people so that they can rise to power. Of course, you’re freaking John Wick and your angry. OBJECTIVE: Kill and defeat the company to save the world.

  • John Wick: The Lost Chapter

    His enemies coming to the realisation that he cannot be killed, decide to trap John Wick in time and space. He happens to land in feudal Japan. Wick learns from a sorceress that he must fight and kill the 47 Ronin to get home. Using his future knowledge he crafts weapons and sets off. After defeating 46 levels each with a boss, he reaches the big boss Kai. In his final battle he recognises that Kai is an ancestor of the Wick family and killing him may erase his family tree… it will.

  • John Wick learns that the Movie based on the true events of his life has finally made it to the Cinema’s in Australia months afters it’s release overseas! He feels wronged, he even feels shame but most of all he feel’s compelled for VENGEANCE. Follow John Wick as he deals our his own personal justice on everyone responsible.
    [email protected]

  • John Wick Tower Defence.

    You are a Mobster who has wronged John Wick. You need to prepare your hide out to protect yourself from the incoming onslaught that is an angry John Wick.

    Hire Guards, set trap and arm yourself to battle the one man army.

  • John Wick wakes up in his home one morning and heads to the bathroom to brush his teeth. He picks up his toothbrush and instantly notices it smells of stool. He looks closer and realises his brush has been smeared with excrement. He’s pissed. He wants revenge. The phone rings. “Hello John. You like my work?” Teases a strangely familiar throaty voice. “Come and get me. I’ve left you a clue in the kitchen that’ll help you find me.” John heads to the kitchen and finds a blue-coloured note:
    ‘Head to Club101.
    The opening story ends and the game begins.

  • You don’t actually play John Wick your job is to recruit and hire gangsters to go after him, the longer he stays alive the more your resources decline so you got to find a way to even the odds.
    [email protected]

  • John Wick: MasterChef
    Still mourning the death of his wife and loss of his puppy, John enters the MasterChef completion hoping for a career change. Will you cook up a storm in the kitchen, using John’s skillful knife abilities to make delicious food; or will you kill off rival competitors and guest judges who threaten your ambition. Poison competitor’s dishes and frame them for murder, use kitchen utensils such as the electric beater, flash freezer or chef’s touch to remove the competition, but watch out for the ever wandering camera crew. Redemption or revenge best served cold, you decide!
    [email protected]

  • Wicknominy opens with your friend informing you that a new film called John Wick is amazing – superlative action cinema – and you must see it immediately… or else. You don’t watch it. The following 2.5 years are spent hiding, sneaking, and fleeing your way through everyday life, all the while avoiding: screenings of John Wick; your upset friend hunting you for being terrible; a guilt-induced phantasm of John Wick’s dog, Alowicksius. In the end, John Wick: Chapter 2 is released; you feel a deep sense of shame, but you’ve come this far and now there is no going back.

    [email protected]

  • Title: Baba Yaga
    Plot: After killing Iosef and Viggo news gets back to Russia of their crime syndicates destruction at the hands of John Wick. The news takes time to get to the remote wild lands of Russia, to the shamans and witches that blessed Viggos venture when he was much younger. Incensed, they curse John. He must now kill those that cursed him before he is damned for eternity. In the wilds of Russia he encounters more than just goons, but the monsters and powers of Russian folklore.
    Play style: A mix of DOOM and Dishonoured.

  • John Wick works at an RSPCA shelter, and is charged with tracking down and threatening the lives of people that mistreat or neglect animals. Maximum score obtained by making people soil themselves and swear to never buy a dog or cat again.

  • John Wick’s wife is actually alive and is kept at top of highest tower in NYC. He kills everyone on the way to the top.

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