Win! A Copy Of Injustice 2 On Xbox One Or PS4

Win! A Copy Of Injustice 2 On Xbox One Or PS4

Injustice 2 has just dropped in Australia! To celebrate, we’ve teamed up with Warner Bros. to give away 5 x Xbox One and 5 x PS4 copies of the game!

How to enter: To pay homage to the franchise, we’d like you to share your best childhood superhero photos or videos.

To be eligible you’ll need to leave a screenshot or link (such as Imgur) to your photo or video design in the comments below AND tell us whether you would like a copy on Xbox One or PS4.

The competition is restricted to Australian residents only and make sure you use a valid email address in your Kotaku profile so we can contact you if you win. The competition is limited to one entry per person and one prize per winner. You can read the rest of the terms and conditions here.

The competition will end on May 24th 2017 at 12pm and winners will be announced shortly afterwards. Good luck and may the best embarrassing flashbacks win!


  • I’m quite a bit older now, so I’d count this as my childhood (I was 16 and had to draw on my own beard!)

    I made my own superhero for a costume party: The Tool!

    (Xbone, prease)

    • drawn with 3D pen? Dude thats a real beard with man stubble. You’re also wearing a wedding ring. NIce try on the 16 years old hahahaa

      • Oh yeh, I must have been 18 then…hmmm, I guess I was older than I remember. Was a fake beard though…mascara over all the bum fluff I could muster, and draw in the rest

  • This is a difficult one. Superhero’s weren’t a big piece of my childhood and is mostly something I’ve been into more during my adulthood. I do have memories of watching X-Men before school, but would have nothing to show this.
    However with the popularity of Superheros and my interest, it’s definitely something I enjoy being involved in with my kids . I was willing to piece together a Cosplay of items to make a Wonder Woman costume, but my wife was intent on getting a store brought costume. I did inform her while a Spider Woman Tutu was acceptable it’s no Spider Gwen. As it was for a costume party, my other daughter felt left out and decided to make up her own costume, pretty dress plus Mask = perfectly acceptable;

    Would be PS4 version

  • How about a baby picture as Superman, slightly edited to look like flight is happening… easier to throw Zod through all of Metropolis’ buildings when up on high.

    A PS4 version would be fine for me thanks.

  • Oh gosh… I remember Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles was my favourite TV Show as a child so I dressed up as Leonardo for a costume party. Here come the flashbacks…

  • Gee I was about 17 when I had superhero dress up birthday to go too. I remeber I had lost about 30kgs at the time and though I’d be the best superman
    How wrong I was. And how embarrasing.

    I game on the PS4

  • Me as The Batman. from a dress up party 10ish years ago.

    Two funny things about this costume.
    #1 The crotch/butt area was made of a very clingy material so it was more form fitting than a ‘Tour De France’ racing outfit! So Batman spent a lot of the party sitting down or with his cape wrapped around him!
    #2 Apart from the cowl, this was a one-piece costume! So I would have to take the whole thing off to pee. This became far too difficult and time consuming after a few… ‘club sodas’ so I decided to cut a ‘pee hole’ at the waist where the grey chest piece met the blue underwear area. Luckily I had a very useful utility belt to cover up to hole!

    PS4 Pleassssssse!

  • Little known fact: Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016) was in fact a dark and gritty reboot of the much campier 1993 version. Behind the scenes shots have only just started to surface online.

    PS4 for me 🙂

  • It’s a little blurry but between the Superman underoos and the ‘kinda’ Superman pose, clearly four year old me knew what was what. Mum seems less impressed, but it probably grew on her.

    PS4 would be swell, thanks.

  • I would give you a bit of backstory about the photo, but that could give away which one is me…
    (You wouldn’t believe my favourite superhero was Batman, would you?)

    PS. Xbox One is my jam

  • This is tricky because I wasn’t interested in ‘traditional superheroes’ like Batman and Superman until I saw The Avengers for my 11th birthday.
    But I was a huge fan of the Cartoon Network series Ben 10 when i younger and so, for my school’s 2009 superhero themed disco i got my mum to buy me a costume from a specialist shop and buy me a matching mask. I ended up winning second place for best dressed.

    PS. I’m the one on the left and PS4 for me please

  • Shortly after this photo was taken, my brother (who was dressed as Batman at the time) pushed me, face-first, into the corner of the kitchen bench – all for insinuating that Supes could beat Batman. I still have the scar above my right eye. Injustice: Origins (1992 – Age 4)

    PS4 please 🙂

    • Bugger!
      Realised after I posted that my email address was for my previous workplace.
      I’ve updated it now, but this probably disqualifies me. Assuming that’s the case, good luck to all who entered.

  • In the picture, it is my son about 10 years ago in his spiderman costume. This year he is turning 15 and I can’t believe how fast he has grown. Even though Spiderman may not be from DC, it would be amazing to give this game for my son for his birthday. Would like a PS4 copy!

  • My brother and I, the dynamic duo! We didn’t have legit costumes, what we had was imagination, (some classic 90s PJs, goggles from swim classes and a pair of McDonald hats) and a love for super heroes which meant making our own costumes. Looking back I guess you could call us Flying Shark Boy and Elephant Lad.

    Anyway the job it does the best is create an embarrassing flashback which could be quelled with a PS4 copy of Injustice 2 please.

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